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Contributor: itaki

5.09 Kb

A much more powerful and intuitive difference keyer than the stock one in Nuke

28 Jul 2023
Contributor: subm16

8.70 Kb

This tool allows users to quickly and easily create green or blue screen clean plate/defect maps using the ibk_colour stack method. It is a straightforward process that is completed in a few steps.

02 Apr 2023
Contributor: sidbore92

141.56 Kb

Keyer by sector

15 Feb 2023
Contributor: chadb

5.87 Kb

depth keyer - single or dual directions ( replacement for ZSlice )

29 Apr 2018
Contributor: chadb

2.28 Kb

Rebuilt Nuke Keyer. Non-clamped and with LUT color controls.

29 Apr 2018
Contributor: CreativeLyons

30.72 Kb

Keying Template as presented on

18 Dec 2015
Contributor: xavinitram

2.67 Kb

A basic and fast despill gizmo for greenscreen. It can only affect the edges of the matte. You can have control of how it affects colour.

07 Dec 2014
Contributor: TheEgoWorks

12.23 Kb

Despill gizmo based on background luminance and chroma with much more useful extra features.

29 May 2014
Contributor: esc4pe85

74.72 Kb

V1>>> This gizmo gives you the possibility to despill and/or unspill greenscreen/bluescreen plates based on some of the most known algorithms, in addition it gives you others cool features,you can relight the foreground based on the spill map created and the background plate,you can also tranform(translate,scale,rotate)it to avoid relighting incongruency with the background plate.... The gizmo needs a clean alpha from your preferred keyer,an optional mask to delimit the area , the plate you want to despill/unspill, and a background if you want to relight the foreground inside the gizmo.... Please contact me for errors, suggestions, hints or help... V2>>> In this new version new features have been added, now you can use the 'unspill' function or the 'replace color' function, you can use the despill capability of your preferred keyer and start from there to correct the plate, and other litte improvements. Take a look and enjoy!

21 Jan 2015
Contributor: Sangrampatil

3.96 Kb

This is advance keyer For time saving in keying and Channel merge operations

24 Jun 2016
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