SK_Merge v1.0

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Contributor: Sean Kalra
Merge node with an option to input the first and last frame to have it on.
9.0, 8.0 or later
18 Sep 2015

You can use this node, If you want a Merge node to be ON only for a certain frame range, you can put in the values in the First and Last knob. 

I created it so you dont have to go to the dopesheet or look at the keyframes to know / modify what frame that specific merge node is on. It was pretty simple to put together but I thought it might come in handy if you are doing this a lot for a shot.

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Sean Kalra

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+1 # Ryan Quinlan 2015-09-22 16:21
Would this be a duplicate of the node's "lifetime range" functionality found in most nodes' "Node" tab?
0 # Sean Kalra 2015-09-23 06:33
I just set it up as an expression inside mix under the user tab so it's faster to use.

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