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Contributor: deshu

1.52 Kb

Allows executing phyton code, which was edited with external editor, without restarting nuke. Based on script 'Call Updated Function' by Andreas Frickinger, just rewrited to be non-modal panel.

25 Aug 2012
Contributor: diogoadmin

116.08 Kb

Starfield file for the StarField node in Nuke.

23 Aug 2012
Contributor: victorperez

110.65 Kb

An easy way to create Nuke 6.1 style icons using Adobe Photoshop CS5

11 Mar 2012
Contributor: hdmoser

5.90 Kb

Alter a value on a node (eg.: Blur size). Then, use Replicate Value to copy the altered value to all or to a group of nodes from the same class.

28 Jan 2012
Contributor: mtp_thomas

159.11 Kb

This script reads a fcpxml-file in and outputs separate Nuke- and Syntheyes-files for each video that is in the Final Cut Pro X sequence. Use it as shell-script or Automator workflow.

14 Dec 2011
Contributor: NickLambert

40.68 Kb

Opens the hidden .nuke directory within OSX

27 Jul 2011
Contributor: loocas

13.23 Kb

A simple tool designed to make bringing of 3ds Max scene nodes into Nuke a matter of a single click of a button.

15 Feb 2011
Contributor: andrewhake

897.47 Kb

NukeView is an OS X AppleScript applet/droplet that will let you open image sequences directly in the Nuke viewer and begin playback.

08 Oct 2010
Contributor: barry.berman

28.48 Kb

This is part of the MoCon suite of scripts. This script will transfer motion data from Maya to Nuke for cameras and transform motion, with FOV and write it out as a .nk file to be imported into Nuke.

05 Jul 2010
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