animatedSnap3D v1.1

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Contributor: Ivan Busquets
An extension to Nuke's "snap" options for animated 3D objects. Based on a selection of vertices, this allows for objects to match the position, rotation and scale of that selection over a specified frame range.
6.3 or later
08 Apr 2012


As the name suggests, this adds "animated" options to the snap_menu in 3d nodes since Nuke 6.1.



The 3 new options work exactly the same way as their original counterparts, but extends their use to animated geometry.



To install, simply extract the downloaded .zip file in your .nuke directory, or anywhere else inside your NUKE_PATH.

Please note that you need to copy the whole animatedSnap3D directory, not just the files inside it.

Then add the following line to the relevant

import animatedSnap3D


And that's it.

Note: Currently, animatedSnap3D uses a "hack" (executing a temporary CurveTool) to force all the script to be evaluated for each frame. This may make it run slower on heavy scripts, but it's a necessary workaround for now.



UPDATE (v 1.1) :

The name of the snap3d functions changed from Nuke 6.2 to 6.3, making version 1.0 of animatedSnap3D not work in Nuke 6.3.

This has been adressed in this version (1.1). The menu entries have also been changed to match the new names in 6.3.

Please login in order to download these files.


# Michael Millspaugh 2011-10-21 13:36
When I run your script, I get an error 'module' object has no attribute 'snapToPoints'. Maybe this is easy to solve?
# Ivan Busquets 2011-10-22 16:06
Hi Michael,

Thanks, it looks like The Foundry changed the name of some of the snap functions in 6.3
I will make some changes, rename the menu entries so they match the new ones in 6.3 and re-upload soon.

In the meantime, you can type & execute this in the script editor to get it working again:

nukescripts.snap3d.snapToPoints = nukescripts.snap3d.translateRotateScaleToPoints
nukescripts.snap3d.scaleToPoints = nukescripts.snap3d.translateRotateToPoints

# Michael Millspaugh 2011-10-24 07:41
Awesome!! Thanks so much. I'm just getting started in Nuke, and banging my head against the wall a bunch.

Is this still the only way to attach another object in nuke to an animated vertex from geometry? I spent some time trying to use the pythonGeo node, with some python scripting and an expression, but couldn't make it work (and of course, being a novice, couldn't troubleshoot it).
# John Thompson 2011-12-15 09:30
I`m using Nuke6.1v3
I`ve4 loaded the py file in the.nuke folder and added the import statement in the file but I do not get any snap to animated
Can you offer any suggestions
John Thopmpson
# Ivan Busquets 2012-04-07 20:51

I'm sorry I missed your comment. Just saw it now when I was uploading an updated version.
Make sure you copy the whole animatedSnap3D directory into your .nuke/ directory, not just the files inside.

So, you should see a structure like this:


Hope that helps.


P.S. If you're using 6.3, make sure you download the latest version (1.1). I just uploaded it, it might take a little while until it shows up.
# Hans Gelpke 2012-05-28 13:25
When I use this on 6.3v7, I select a point and then snap it but after it goes a few frames, it says I need to select one or more points. I'm not sure what I am doing incorrectly.
# Ivan Busquets 2012-05-28 13:36
Hi Hans,
This sounds like your selected vertex might not exist in later frames. Where are you selecting your point from? This could be the case if your point comes from a point cloud, or geometry with varying topology (not the same number of vertices on each frame).
Are you able to "see" your selected point on the frame where it fails?
# Hans Gelpke 2012-05-28 14:29
That sounds like the exact problem. I do lose sight of the vertex after a few frames.
# Charles Taylor 2014-02-21 21:35
This seems to produce an Axis that just jumps around randomly - Nuke 7v9, snapping to a fairly heavy Alembic.
# Shaun Pinc 2014-03-07 03:28
Hi Ivan, the animated snap to points is awesome, thank you, but when I use it after a Transform Geo node is has an offset which does not seem consistent with the transform and I cannot figure out how to resolve this. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thanks !
# Alex Branton 2014-03-17 21:27
Most likely case is that the nukescript is reading information coming directly from the vertex - baked in from whatever program your geo is coming from. This means it wont gather the transform geo data as well. That, or they are both using to different world spaces or matrices - In any case, I would recommend snapping to a point on your ORIGINAL geo and re-applying your transform geo to whatever you have snapped.
# Jacqueline Cooper 2015-12-12 19:37
This plugin is so amazing. One thing it allows me to do that is beyond cool and fixes tons of issues, is to scale up alembic files from a single point that is now animated to the object and follows it. Thank you!
+1 # Joshua LaCross 2016-01-26 00:11
Has anyone used this in Nuke 9? I can't seem to get it working. I tried adding the animiated3D folder to the plugin path. I also tried to change the _init_ to add the menu to "Axis2" instead of Axis because that's what nuke 9 calls it. Any ideas? Thanks
# mike terpstra 2016-02-27 19:13
Josh! I'm interested in hearing if there's an update to this as well.
+1 # Sara Hilmarsdottir 2017-03-02 20:33
We're having some problems in Nuke 9/10, the curves come out quite jagged, missing frames etc Anyone else having this? Found a solution?
# Hiroki Iijima 2017-01-28 09:09
This could really help me on my current shot. Thank you so much! Ivan!
# li zhaohui 2017-11-18 19:38
Rotation error. After the map, you can see the problem.
+3 # li zhaohui 2018-08-23 18:12
No update?
+1 # Andreas Jablonka 2019-05-08 19:43
Hi Ivan, any update on this for nuke 11?
# Thomas Vu 2019-09-13 04:02
update it please
# Lewis Carson 2020-02-28 04:53
I have switched to this and it works with the rotation
# Mohamed Abuzeid 2020-02-23 16:48
it's really awesome , Thanks man
it's just worked when I replaced the text in " init " to " " and the text inside " menu " to " init " , you did the opposite in instructions .

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