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Contributor: Mad007

1.88 Kb

Customizable script to automate the creation of the write node with the correct file path, Ultra easy to customize just open the script and see the examples, If you have any doubts please fell free to contact me! Happy coding

19 Mar 2016
Contributor: giorgiopitino

0.49 Kb

Change the on error knob for all the read nodes in your node graph in one click

18 Mar 2016
Contributor: frank

9.77 Kb

This makes the built in localisation of files threaded for background processing

18 Jan 2016
Contributor: nara

1.29 Kb

create the selected Write's file path

11 Jan 2016
Contributor: MatteHue

0.48 Kb

Allows you to drag and drop alembic (.abc) files into your node graph.

03 Jan 2016
Contributor: cgbeige

8.53 Kb

A cross-platform Python script to collect and relink scenes and assets.

05 Dec 2015
Contributor: AlPustika

63.91 Kb

RotoMaya - Tool for export rough masks from maya to nuke without rendering. Soft: Maya, Nuke, Windows

26 Nov 2015
Contributor: tdlockard

2.67 Kb

Send selected nodes to an artist quickly and easily using a predefined email account.

04 Sep 2015
Contributor: fxtor

1.71 Kb

Nuke Pane (python panel) for sharing nodes between Nuke-users on the same network. In stead of sending an email with nodes to another Nuke User, this script will make it possible to share nodes from inside Nuke to other users on the same network.

18 Jul 2015
Contributor: thexdan

3.90 Kb

Tool for making half-rez proxies of mediaimage sequences in a script. Appends proxy paths to selected Read and Write nodes in the script or all Read and Write nodes if no none are selected. It creates reformats and write nodes. Our in house version submits these to the render farm and it should be fairly easy to hook this up should you wish to do so. Tested on Linux but should work fine on Windows or OSX.

17 Jun 2015
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