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Contributor: vincentlanger

7.55 Kb

Lets you import the mocha for AfterEffects Tracking Data.

27 Aug 2012
Contributor: quetra

1.90 Kb

This script open current frame from selected Read node in Photoshop. v.1.1 fixed code

26 May 2015
Contributor: quetra

1.90 Kb

fixed code

26 May 2015
Contributor: marcozazza

12.91 Kb

Collect all the read nodes sequences (also read geo nodes, and camera nodes with the read file checked) into a project folder and give a relative path to every read nodes. Once everything is collected into the Project folder you can move the folder everywhere you want without loosing the connection in the nuke script with the read nodes. Great for free freelance or students projects.

24 Apr 2012
Contributor: DisposableApps

3.83 Kb

This script creates a copy of the files used in the project, keeping the folder structure.

27 Mar 2017
Contributor: thexdan

3.90 Kb

Tool for making half-rez proxies of mediaimage sequences in a script. Appends proxy paths to selected Read and Write nodes in the script or all Read and Write nodes if no none are selected. It creates reformats and write nodes. Our in house version submits these to the render farm and it should be fairly easy to hook this up should you wish to do so. Tested on Linux but should work fine on Windows or OSX.

17 Jun 2015
Contributor: moner

1.05 Kb

This script helps you read 3D -stereoscopic files fast. U don't need always use a lot of clicks for it.

01 Aug 2011
Contributor: Dimitre91

2.83 Kb

Read from node is a python script that allows you to create a read node from a write node or any other node that has a readable 'file' field. It works for mov's and sequences and also automatically adapts to the correct frame padding.

21 Dec 2016
Contributor: Ripaxx

0.90 Kb

Read From Write

25 Apr 2019
Contributor: giorgiopitino

0.49 Kb

Change the on error knob for all the read nodes in your node graph in one click

18 Mar 2016
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