Tool Wish List

Suggest and vote for tools that the Nukepedia community can create with Gizmos, Python, PySide etc.

If people start writing one of the suggested tools, it might be best to leave a comment and let people know, so we can avoid redundant work.

Comments (0)Cinema 4d Camera and Scene importer matching Nuke's scene measurements and axis direction.
Comments (0)after render, copy files to certain directory
Comments (0)IK rigging for roto shapes
Comments (0)A difference matte using optical flow/motion vectors, e.g. for keying characters from backgrounds with moving cameras using frames before and after.
Comments (0)3D Object Smoothing.
Comments (0)DeepGlow
Comments (0)Color Umixing Keye r based on Pixar's new technology
Comments (1)Nuke to be Great Again
Comments (0)More user friendly write node and rendering progress window like Natron .
Comments (0)reorder rotoPaint brush strokes by frame #
Comments (0)Soft select option for roto nodes similar to maya's 3d version
Comments (0)Blemish tool
Comments (0)Hiero Scripting support NukeStudio11.0v1
Comments (0)Bring back some kind of RollingShutter plugin
Comments (1)Blinkscript - Anti aliasing
Comments (0)3D Path animation
Comments (2)a bayesian matting node / refining node
Comments (0)roto brush tool
Comments (0)STmap/UVmap projection, like projecting textures on 3d renders, using the stmap/UVmap
Comments (2)openclip script (clip file generator) out of Write node/Hiero export
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