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Tool Wish List

Suggest and vote for tools that the Nukepedia community can create with Gizmos, Python, PySide etc.

If people start writing one of the suggested tools, it might be best to leave a comment and let people know, so we can avoid redundant work.

Comments (4)Mini nodegraph UI for Shuffle/ShuffleCopy nodes
Comments (5)Remove node with dynamic amount of channel/layer knobs (completed)
Comments (2)DeepShuffle, DeepCopy, DeepRemove node
Comments (3)Deconvolve tool (removes Motion Blur or Blur)
Comments (14)Brush Library / Preset's etc for Paint, Softness / Size / Clone Offset / Overl/Dodge/Burn etc
julian van mil
4 Years ago
when foundry bought mischief I had high hopes we'd see their paint integrated.
Pavle Milicevic
5 Years ago
So that would very high in priority for future Nuke releases, as paint is of the fundamental stuff to be done on compositing and having it limited like now isn't helpful. I miss flame painting !
Stefan Müller
5 Years ago
Hey Xavier, just saw your screenshot and it looks quite promising. Any news regarding this? Do you intend to release it sometime? :)
Xavier Martín
5 Years ago
I had completely forgot about this. I did get something, but I forgot to post it here lol
There you go! It's quite limited at the moment, but it allows an arbitrarily large number of different stamps. What I haven't managed to get working is the opacity.
Daniel Moreno
5 Years ago
Hey Xavier, did you get something? :)
Peter Sidoriak
5 Years ago
Would love to see a smear offset too.. I use smear all the time, but find it difficult for straight lines.
Thomas Vu
5 Years ago
nuke dont have any brush type yet, this one will be very helpful
Xavier Martín
5 Years ago
Ok, give me a couple of days...
Frank Rueter
5 Years ago
sounds like another feature request for hte Foundry rather than a community tool request
Mike Connolly
5 Years ago
Integrated scale/rotate/transform included for each layer so reveal layers can be set up easily with onionskin, ala Silhouette. Saves having to build offsets and suffer overlay update issues.
Comments (3)Blinkscript Median with size controls.
Comments (6)DeepPMatte
Comments (3)Deep Object/Material ID
Comments (2)DeepSTMap
Comments (6)Object Tracker
Comments (3)Delete unwanted(nodes which aren't connected to the tree) and disabled nodes to cleanup the script. (completed)
Comments (17)(dreaming here) an Iterator/Loop node.
Comments (2)Temporal Median with choice of frames (completed)
Comments (1)TimeEcho with more blending modes
Comments (2)A simple UV unwrap/generate/handling tool for generic geo/cards within Nuke, not dependant on ModelBuilder geo.
Comments (2)Stabilize/Smooth Through Camera Projection Tool
Comments (3)PositionProjector, a node that can project a texture with the help of a position pass instead of geometry (completed)
Comments (0)Shortcut keys set in nuke9
Comments (1)plugin that exposes the underlying concatenated 4x4 transform matrix as matrix knob
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