ParticleBrushstrokes v1.1

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Contributor: matt lavoy
Generated painterly brushstroke particle effect using world position.
13.1, 11.3 or later
Linux, Mac, Windows
27 Oct 2022

This setup includes nukescript setup, brushstroke textures, and blinkscripts for generating a particle based paintstroke effect. A video tutorial posted by the Foundry soon to follow that explains step by step process for setting up the effect.




I included a frame from the source files to approximate the frame below. Once the tutorial from foundry is released, Ill add a link to it; it will explain everything about this setup in full detail. Feel free to test out with the supplied src files until then. 



Follow along with the Foundry Video walkthru here:


paint exampleImages v004.0268paint_exampleImages_v004.0268.jpegpaint exampleImages v004.1689


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+3 # Way the 2022-10-19 01:43
please inculed src file about particleBrushst rokes.nk
+1 # Thomas Vu 2022-10-20 04:14
yes pls inculde that src files, without it I cant imagine how does it work
+1 # David Lea 2022-11-03 19:31
This is great, thank you for sharing. I was trying to to get it to work with a Pref pass and I'm having trouble generating a particle cloud. have you mannaged to do this? Do I have to add any extra nodes etc... to get it to work? Thanks.
+1 # Mikel Casado 2023-11-14 16:16
Awesome stuff! I'm not sure why, but I get an error when compiling kernel for gpu. Works fine on cpu though. Any possible fixes? Edit: updating to the latest Nuke version did it!

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