h_PixelSort v1.2

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Contributor: Mads Hagbarth Damsbo
This is a pixel sorter effect created in BlinkScript.
11.0, 10.5, 10.0 or later
Linux, Mac, Windows
08 Mar 2018

This is a primitive pixel sorter effect created in BlinkScript. It sorts pixels from black to white or vice versa, to create a interesting artistic effect.

Using the threshold silder you can pick where to start and stop the effect. And you can use the max length to set a limit to how long your sorting should be.

You can see a basic introduction to the pixelsorter here: https://vimeo.com/246859582

PixelSort v01



V 1.1

  • Added a option to toggle GPU. This should only be used if you have issues running it without.
  • Added a option to output alpha from the source rather than a alpha that shows the affected area


Know limitations: The node have a hardcoded limit of 8000x8000 pixels, you can increase this limit opening the two blink scripts and looking for the number 8000 and changing this higher. Do note that this can increase processing time and memory usage.

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0 # Vitaly Musatov 2017-12-14 05:07
I have got an error:
Syntax error at "\rtf1\ansi\ansicpg1252\cocoartf1504\coco"
It looks like something wrong with this script.
+2 # Mads Hagbarth Damsbo 2017-12-14 07:44
Note to self... never open a nk script in a RTF compatible text editor and hit save =(

Should be fixed now.
0 # Sven Akelian 2017-12-14 17:52
I do this all the time, just setup your editor the right way...
0 # Florian Dehmel 2017-12-14 08:46
Hi, i get an "Error compiling kernel" - message...
Thanks for your work!

Is it possible to drive the strength of the effect by a mask, like a DoF-Blur?
0 # antonio ramos 2017-12-14 09:49
Hi, I get the same "Error compiling kernel" message
...anyway, thanks for your work, looks impresive
0 # Mads Hagbarth Damsbo 2017-12-14 12:02
Quoting Florian Dehmel:
Hi, i get an "Error compiling kernel" - message...
Thanks for your work!

Is it possible to drive the strength of the effect by a mask, like a DoF-Blur?


Quoting antonio ramos:
Hi, I get the same "Error compiling kernel" message
...anyway, thanks for your work, looks impresive

I assume you guys are running Windows since you get a error. What Nuke version are you on?
0 # antonio ramos 2017-12-14 12:11

Yep, i´m on windows with nuke 10.0 v5 for now, but i guess we´re going to update to nuke 11 soon
0 # Florian Dehmel 2017-12-14 13:07

you're right. Using Windows 7 with Nuke 10.5v3 here.
0 # Mads Hagbarth Damsbo 2017-12-14 14:19
Would be interesting to get a test in Nuke 11 running windows (i don't have a PC to do that).

But yea, there are some inconsistencies between Mac, Linux and Windows in regards to the Blinkscript node, and Windows seem to be the one causing problems most often.
0 # antonio ramos 2017-12-14 14:27
did program this on Mac or Linux?

I have linux at home and i would love to try it
0 # Mads Hagbarth Damsbo 2017-12-14 14:33
It works fine on both Mac and Linux (Nuke 10.0v7+)
0 # Francois Turcotte 2018-02-19 00:29
Does not work on nuke 11.1 in Win10 :sad:
+1 # Alexey Ushakov 2017-12-15 15:03
Quoting antonio ramos:
Hi, I get the same "Error compiling kernel" message
...anyway, thanks for your work, looks impresive

enter into the group "BlinkPixelSort " and turn on in BlinkScripts "UseGPU..."
+1 # antonio ramos 2017-12-15 15:08
Thanks a lot Alexey, now the kernel is successfully compiled but i have an OpenCL error(-11)
0 # antonio ramos 2017-12-15 15:12
I have an Nvidia Quadro 5000 and i guess the drivers are updated
0 # antonio ramos 2017-12-17 23:46
Works perfectly fine in Linux(Ubuntu). Thanks for this amazing work
0 # Remco Consten 2018-01-03 12:56
looks cool! I'm also getting the compiling kernel error on windows.
Edit: oh turning on UseGpu seems to do the trick indeed!

btw, did you finish and upload that gif writer for nuke? Can't seem to find it on Nukepedia. Would love to get to play with that one.
+1 # goodis t 2018-01-04 21:20
Where can I get that gif writer? =)
0 # IDontWant ToRegister 2018-01-09 15:17
the effect only effects the lower half of my picture.
Any solution for this?

BTW Awesome script
0 # Lukasz Stolarski 2018-03-07 16:38
Hello. I've posted the same message on Vimeo but maybe somebody here can help:
First of all, this is great stuff, thanks for sharing. I have one question though: is it possible to change the Pixel Sorter Blink Script code so it respects the alpha of the image and outputs the pixel distorted image with new alpha?
I went into the group and tried different things but I see that BlinkScript just outputs full alpha. I don't have any idea how to write the code so I can't do anything about it. That would be so great if we could key/roto an element, PixelSort it and slap it back on the original image. The PixelSorting plugin for After Effects does that automatically - if you mask a layer, key it, the plugin respects that and distorts whats visible on the screen. Masking after pixel distortion is not a solution because the pixels are mixed, you still lose some stuff or have to leave the pixels you never wanted to have. I hope I'm clear ;)

Here's a screenshot from the AE's plugin demo, you can see the pixels go beyond the mask and come from keyed luma (not alpha - I'm just showing the alpha so we can see what it outputs):

Thanks for any help :)

Oh - I also confirm that changing the Kernel Parameters to GPU in BlindScript solves the error on Windows 10, Nuke 10.5.
0 # Lukasz Stolarski 2018-03-08 13:39
Just to let everybody know - Mads has kindly updated the script. We have a toggle for GPU and source alpha now! Thank you so much Mads for responding so fast, all the best :)
0 # Schrodinger's Cat 2019-12-22 18:10
Sadly it doesn't work for me.
When I start to work in my script I have this message:

BlinkPixelSort1 .BlinkScript4: Error running kernel on GPU. The kernel succesfully compiled. However, OPENCL returned error (-11) while executing on the device.

I'm using Nuke 11.3v5 in windows 8, nVIDIA Geforce 610m 2 GB

Any idea about what's happening and how to solve it?

Thank you in advance!
+1 # Bernd M 2020-04-11 11:46
Downloaded latest version and receive this error:
[13:38.36] Warning: BlinkPixelSort1 .BlinkScript4.m axTileLines: no such knob
BlinkPixelSort1.BlinkScript4.100: no such knob
[13:38.36] Warning: BlinkPixelSort1 .BlinkScript1.m axTileLines: no such knob
BlinkPixelSort1.BlinkScript1.100: no such knob
0 # darren coombes 2020-04-21 11:42
Are you using nuke 12?
I'm getting same error in Nuke 12.1v2 on Mac OSX

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