p_Noise_Advanced v1.2

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Contributor: Riley Gray
Different 3d noise types that are applied to rendered position passes.
13.1, 13.0, 12.2, 12.1, 12.0, 11.3, 11.2, 11.1 or later
Linux, Windows
21 Sep 2022

p Noise Advanced StillTypes v001

P_Noise_Advanced is a tool that allows you to apply various 3d noises and fractals to a rendered position pass such as world position or rest position. The various noise types are shown above and each has there own knobs and controls specific to each one.

A 2d position knob can be used to sample a center point in real time and Adrian Pueyo's 'c44kernal' allows you to transform the noise however you wish in 3d space. The Blink written noise types (Euclidian, Voronoi, Manhattan, Chebyslev and Worley) are based on matthew Shaw's 'Cell Noise' and just adapted to work on a position pass; click here to see his tool. The other noise types are simply written in tcl using nukes expression node. 

The noise looks very cool when the position pass has an animated object so it moves 'through' the noise. Try it out to get some cool looks!

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+2 # Calle Granström 2021-01-07 14:43
Love it man!
0 # Oliver Banasiak 2023-03-15 15:51
Was working fine but in Nuke 14.0v3 it throws an error of "CUDA code failed to compile" while trying to use the more advanced Voro-Manha-Cheb y-Worley noises
0 # Olivier B 2023-11-07 14:57
in Nuke 14, I fixed it by moving all the variables of the blink scripts, in the functions. New N14 behaviour not to use global or so, don't know.
0 # Oliver Banasiak 2023-11-08 00:00
How exactly does one do that efficiently? Can it be done through Notepad or do you dive into the gizmo/group and do something there? Please explain further, would love to use it more!! Thanks for reply!
+1 # Olivier B 2023-11-08 10:45
I placed the five files to replace in the blink nodes here to download:
You just have to load from the blink node (Kernel file knob, then Load) the related file and it should change accordingly.
Ley me know!
0 # Gregor Stephani 2023-11-09 20:47
Thanks Olivier, your fix seems to work for us!
0 # Riley Gray 2023-11-21 06:24
Hey guys, sorry I very rarely check nukepedia. Thanks for troubleshooting this! However I cant seem to recreate the issue on windows... I would push Olivier B's fix to the tool but it seems to change the seed so would like to do some more troubleshooting first.

Tried in 14.0v6 and 14.1v2

Could you guys specify what OS and gpu you guys are using?
0 # Oliver Banasiak 2023-11-21 12:28
I haven't had time to check the above fix but here are my specs:

I'm on a 3090x2 and Windows 10 with the same Nuke version you have, but tested both in 14 and 15!
0 # George Jojo 2023-05-19 22:52
Wonderful tool!
Thank you very much! :D

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