PointPositionMask v3.1

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Contributor: Cameron Carson
A nice tool to select a chunk of pixels in 3D or 2D based on their XYZ coordinates from a World Point/Point Position Pass.
8.0, 7.1, 7.0, 6.3 or later
Linux, Mac, Windows
25 May 2016

A nice tool to select a chunk of pixels based on their XYZ coordinates from a point position pass. Great for making selections on 3D CG environments.
Requires a World Point/Point Position Pass.

Plug in your Point Position Pass into the PointPositionPass input and your Beauty Pass into the Image input although it is not necessary.

Supports both Z-up and Y-up CG environments.

Provides a 3D scene for the Mask Shape Visualization.


Version 2.0

-added Cube to shape options

-added Falloff option

-added Transform tab for alternate movement options

-added option to toggle 3D Scene on or off

-added ability to move the Mask Visualization via the transform controls in the 3D viewport

-cleaned up interior

-faster Matrix based calculations

Version 3.0

-fixed Z-Up to properly display when viewing the 3D scene

-added the option to output the RGB premultiplied by the mask

-fixed the selection shape not following the Center Point Parent

Version 3.1

-added the option to change the selected pixel color in the 3d scene


PointPositionMask Properties





Point Position Pass

PointPositionMask Main


3D Scene View

PointPositionPass 3D


Mask in the Alpha Channel

PointPositionMask Mask

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0 # J Bills 2011-11-30 15:29
nice one!
0 # Adam Hazard 2016-10-12 19:29
Edit: Disregard, my machine had an old version of the gizmo installed in another folder from a previous user, and Nuke was getting confused.

HI just downloaded this, but doesn't seem to be very close to the description or images shown here.

-Extremely slow compared to other PP mask tools. Keeps locking up Nuke for about 10 seconds with each small adjustment. Maybe from the 3D point cloud?

-Selecting Passthrough RGB seems to move the selected mask area between the alpha channel and RGB channels. Seems that the selected area should just always be in the alpha channel and not move no matter what.

-The download looks to be an old version? There is no 'Transform' or '3D' tabs, only the 'Main' tab. Also no option for a cube shape. Though it does have the added 3D color option noted for v3.1 .

-Also to actually make any color picker selections is a bit obtuse. To manually color pick a selection, you need to put the Point position mask into the 'color' input(as well as XYZ) but nothing shows up in RGB unless that pass also has an alpha channel, which a PP pass usually doesn't have. If you put a beauty pass into the 'color' input, then the color picker picks the colors from the beauty pixels and not the PP pass in the XYZ. I think it would make more sense if putting the PP pass into XYZ automatically made it show up in the RGB, and then you can make your selections. Then if you want you can add the beauty pass to the 'color' input. But color picking would still pick colors from the PP pass and not the beauty.

-Seems to reformat 4K/UHD images down to HD, with no work around.

This tool could be great if its cleaned up and had the options described in the description. Unless I am totally messing something up, or installed it wrong?

This was tested on NukeX 10.0v2
0 # Cameron Carson 2016-10-12 20:13
That is very strange. Sounds like you got v1 somehow.

I just downloaded it again to check and it seems fine.

Pretty much every issue you were having was addressed in v2.

Maybe try downloading again?

Could you right click on the version you downloaded and open it in a text editor? It should say the version at the top. I believe the current one up here says v3.0 despite actually being v3.1(I forgot to update the text file).

I also have the file hosted on my website If you cant seem to get the right version here.
0 # Adam Hazard 2016-10-12 20:52
Hey thanks for the quick reply.
Yeah I opened it in a text editor and its says v3.0.

Anyways think I just figured it out. I was noticing when tab creating the gizmo, that it would pop up twice in the list.
PointPositionMa sk [Keyer]
PointPositionMa sk [3D]

But in Nuke both were the same exact tool, no differences.

I looked in the 3D gizmo folder and found an old version of the tool from 2013, that someone before me must have installed.

I guess Nuke was sort of combing the two versions together. Mostly V1, but also had the 3D color addition from V3.1

Anyways, new tool is great and pretty much, so far, address all my previous issues, nice work, thanks!
0 # SURESH P 2018-08-31 06:00
How to install this Plugin ???
0 # Oliver Banasiak 2022-02-15 15:25
This is one of the most handy Gizmos on the entire site. Thank you so much for this and glad to see it still rocking in Nuke version 13.1!

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