FlareFactory v4.1

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Contributor: Doug Hogan
'FlareFactory Plus' is a tool I wrote that fills a big gap in Nuke…preset Lens flares.
8.0, 7.1, 7.0 or later
Linux, Mac, Windows
22 Jan 2015

flarefactory flares

Easy to create and use flares are a notorious blind spot in Nuke. There are a couple of tools that have come out to fill this gap like Andrew Kramer’s new Nuke version of his Optical Flares tool. But it’s really expensive, and that makes it prohibitive for studio artists. Typically out in the wild, if your Director wants a lens flare, then you’ll need to just make it yourself!


So that’s what the FlareFactory is here to do. It’s been completely rewritten and restructured under the hood to not only make it lighter, but also give you the ability to mix and match flare elements to create something completely unique. While at the same time giving you built in presets that you can then take and customize even more! Think of it as the lens flare version of Legos.

It also has tools to apply various types of curve based animation, built in flare dynamics based on real world camera artifacts so they behave realistically, and features all new Flare presets.

Give it a try!

This FREE version of the tool is to be used for educational purposes only. If you are going to be using it on a PROFESSIONAL commerical production, then please visit http://www.doughogan.com/toolbox/flare-factory/ to donate at least $10, or whatever more you think this tool is worth! It really helps so that I can continue to make helpful tools like this in the future!
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+1 # Varun Hadkar 2010-12-01 10:54
Wonderful! Thanks for this
+7 # donal nolan 2011-01-06 10:10
Is there any way in future versions that it would be possible to separate the lens artifacts from the flare source (hot spot). Good package though, full marks :-)
-3 # Alexander Köhl 2011-02-28 16:14
Very nice! Thx for sharing!
-1 # Joshua LaCross 2011-03-22 20:20
Thanks. This is great!
-4 # Esdras Prudente 2011-04-18 14:48
thanks, looks very nice.
-3 # hemanth chowda 2011-09-09 01:39
thank you
-7 # vinod sarhe 2012-04-07 14:02
Awesome man...its really mind blowing
+6 # daniel koshi 2012-09-10 04:53
thank you man..you wonderful!!
+3 # Victor Perez 2013-02-10 02:31
It isn't compatible with Nuke 7. The centre of the flares appears in black. I've tested in Nuke 6.3v9 and it works fine but not in 7.0v4. Any ideas?
-2 # Joe Brandibas 2014-02-21 11:46
Quoting Victor Perez:
It isn't compatible with Nuke 7. The centre of the flares appears in black. I've tested in Nuke 6.3v9 and it works fine but not in 7.0v4. Any ideas?

I found a quick workaround. The problem appears to be with the Mask input. He is stenciling each channel individually (R,G and B), however in Nuke 7, if you don't have anything connected to the input, it is causing those merges to simply erase the data in the channel. To fix it, just plug an empty roto node to the mask channel.
+2 # Annemarie Gereis 2013-04-16 22:42
Hey guys!
I'm having a huge compatibility issue with Nuke 6.3 v. 1. It won't load and gives me a list of errors that states that 'no knob exists'.

Several windows come up and say -

FlareFactory_Plus1.Glow25.brightness: No such knob
FlareFactory_Plus1.Glow25.0.7: No such knob

Is there a work around or another compatible version for my version of nuke?

-4 # Jacob Medendorp 2014-05-04 01:09
Hi there, we just discovered what appears to be a typo with the 35mm preset.

The Flare8 expression is not connected to anything, but it is setting its innter color based on Flare6, as such:

inner_color {{root.Flare6.r ing_color.r i} {root.Flare6.ri ng_color.g i} {root.Flare6.ri ng_color.b i}}

Interactively, Nuke then puts in 0 and renders fine. However, if you try to render command-line over a render queue, it throws an error.

I'm assuming, based on the other Flares, that this line was intended to be:

inner_color {{Flare8.ring_c olor.r i} {Flare8.ring_co lor.g i} {Flare8.ring_co lor.b i}}

Hope this helps anyone who was having render difficulties!
-1 # saikrishnan ganesan 2015-03-21 22:09
I was using this gizmo in my personal project, it works so charm but i'm getting white artifacts which can be seen to the left side in the image attached. it would be great if some one could help me ASAP.Artifacts comes in Nuke7 and in 8 despite using preset or manual. https://www.dropbox.com/s/opvylo9fuo96l41/WarZone_City_V01.jpg?dl=0
-1 # c b 2015-04-14 13:39
Nuke 9.0v4 "FlareFactory1. Copy9:Missing input channel"

also runs very very slowly.
+1 # Doug Hogan 2015-04-14 16:28
Hey everyone,

Just wanted to give you a heads up that I've been logging the errors you've been encountering and I'm going to be uploading a new bug fix version for 9.0v4 shortly!

I have some optimization ideas as well to speed it up a bit, it's just a beast of a node under the hood.

Thanks and stay tuned!
0 # mahmoud torkman 2016-03-04 01:45
Thnx its a very cool
-3 # Spencer Tweed 2016-05-03 22:31
I get this error from Nuke when I command-line render v4.1:

ERROR: FlareFactory1.C ore_Bits_Plus1. disable: Nothing is named "parent.Core_Bits_Plus.disable.left"

Otherwise awesome tool! It's a little chunky and slow, but makes some pretty damn good looking flares!

- Spencer
+2 # Octavio Alonso 2016-05-10 08:55
Hi, its not working in nuke 10 non comercial
+5 # Josue Selva 2016-08-08 21:05
Dear Mr. Doug Hogan: In the link to your website on your above description, please, correct it by deleting the extra "http" included there, which is leading to http:// http//www.doughogan.com/ and therefore not displaying your content. Thanks. :-)
+3 # Vladan Vasiljevic 2017-07-03 15:32
Great tool Doug. I have a little problem. I don't have Mask and Source inputs. Any idea? Looking forward to try this tool on next project. Keep up the good work.
-2 # Isaac Spiegel 2017-07-08 22:48
@Doug Hogan

Seems to crash Nuke often when adjusting the 'Pieces' parameter in the lens pieces tab.

I'm using NukeX 10.5 v4

Otherwise, great tool!
+3 # arun kumar 2017-09-04 11:16
Where can I copy this Gizmo in nuke directory....

Please help me in installation
+7 # Reneia Berendsen 2019-06-19 14:00
It's an awesome tool yet it's sooo unresponsive and slow it's barely usable.
-3 # Samuel Hall 2020-04-12 19:50
I kept getting a hard edge at the top of the frame so I looked into the script a little further. I changed the Constant4 node to use the root format rather than the the one indicated and that solved it. Just in case anyone has the same issue, open the gizmo in a text editor, search for Constant4, delete the line pertaining to the format, save the file and you should be good to go!
+1 # Kai Wheatley 2020-07-20 17:14
Doesn't seem to work after adding it to my .nuke folder... Is there somewhere else this should be installed? Thanks!
+7 # Henrique Reginato 2020-08-05 19:53
Does it need to be re-complied for Nuke12 ?
Been getting a 'NoneType' object has no attribute '__getiem__'

-1 # Henrique Reginato 2020-08-05 19:53
Does it need to be re-complied for Nuke12 ?
Been getting a 'NoneType' object has no attribute '__getiem__'

-6 # Ty Tran 2020-12-09 19:02
This happens and I don't know how to fix it. Whenever I choose a preset it shows as the default flare.
-1 # Lee Stoichkova 2021-05-13 07:34
Truly amazing! Saved my life
0 # Luke Zappa 2021-11-29 16:31
Hey guys,
i wonder is it possible to fix?
I get this on empty comp upon load flare factory node.

i run Nukex 12.2v5

[18:23.36] ERROR: FlareFactory1.T ransform39.disa ble: unexpected 't' in "Lines_Plus.disable==1?1:lines.which==0?0:1t"
[18:23.36] ERROR: FlareFactory1.T ransform41.disa ble: unexpected 't' in "Lines_Plus.disable==1?1:lines.which==0?0:1t"
[18:23.36] ERROR: FlareFactory1.T ransform40.disa ble: unexpected 't' in "Lines_Plus.disable==1?1:lines.which==0?0:1t"
[18:23.36] ERROR: FlareFactory1.F lare103.offset: Nothing is named "parent.Flare188.offset.left"
[18:23.36] ERROR: FlareFactory1.F lare150.disable : unexpected 't' in "Lines_Plus.disable==1?1:lines.which==0?0:1t"
[18:23.36] ERROR: FlareFactory1.T ransform42.disa ble: unexpected 't' in "Lines_Plus.disable==1?1:lines.which==0?0:1t"
[18:23.36] ERROR: FlareFactory1.T ransform43.disa ble: unexpected 't' in "Lines_Plus.disable==1?1:lines.which==0?0:1t"
[18:23.36] ERROR: FlareFactory1.T ransform44.disa ble: unexpected 't' in "Lines_Plus.disable==1?1:lines.which==0?0:1t"
[18:23.36] ERROR: FlareFactory1.F lare146.disable : unexpected 't' in "Lines_Plus.disable==1?1:lines.which==0?0:1t"
[18:23.36] ERROR: FlareFactory1.M erge133.disable : unexpected 't' in "Lines_Plus.disable==1?1:lines.which==0?0:1t"
[18:23.36] ERROR: FlareFactory1.F lare147.disable : unexpected 't' in "Lines_Plus.disable==1?1:lines.which==0?0:1t"
[18:23.36] ERROR: FlareFactory1.S huffle13.disabl e: unexpected 't' in "Lines_Plus.disable==1?1:lines.which==0?0:1t"
[18:23.36] ERROR: FlareFactory1.M erge135.disable : unexpected 't' in "Lines_Plus.disable==1?1:lines.which==0?0:1t"
[18:23.36] ERROR: FlareFactory1.M erge285.disable : unexpected 't' in "Lines_Plus.disable==1?1:lines.which==0?0:1t"
[18:23.36] ERROR: FlareFactory1.F lare135.disable : unexpected 't' in "Lines_Plus.disable==1?1:lines.which==0?0:1t"
[18:23.36] ERROR: FlareFactory1.M erge128.disable : unexpected 't' in "Lines_Plus.disable==1?1:lines.which==0?0:1t"
[18:23.36] ERROR: FlareFactory1.F lare138.disable : unexpected 't' in "Lines_Plus.disable==1?1:lines.which==0?0:1t"
[18:23.36] ERROR: FlareFactory1.M erge129.disable : unexpected 't' in "Lines_Plus.disable==1?1:lines.which==0?0:1t"
[18:23.36] ERROR: FlareFactory1.G low16.disable: Nothing is named "parent.Edge_Shimmer_Bloom.disable.left"
[18:23.36] ERROR: FlareFactory1.F lare144.disable : unexpected 't' in "Lines_Plus.disable==1?1:lines.which==0?0:1t"
[18:23.36] ERROR: FlareFactory1.M erge136.disable : unexpected 't' in "Lines_Plus.disable==1?1:lines.which==0?0:1t"
[18:23.36] ERROR: FlareFactory1.F lare141.disable : unexpected 't' in "Lines_Plus.disable==1?1:lines.which==0?0:1t"
[18:23.36] ERROR: FlareFactory1.F lare134.disable : unexpected 't' in "Lines_Plus.disable==1?1:lines.which==0?0:1t"
[18:23.36] ERROR: FlareFactory1.G rade27.disable: unexpected 't' in "Lines_Plus.disable==1?1:lines.which==0?0:1t"
[18:23.36] ERROR: FlareFactory1.B lur102.disable: unexpected 't' in "Lines_Plus.disable==1?1:lines.which==0?0:1t"
[18:23.36] ERROR: FlareFactory1.T ransform37.disa ble: unexpected 't' in "Lines_Plus.disable==1?1:lines.which==0?0:1t"
[18:23.36] ERROR: FlareFactory1.F lare139.disable : unexpected 't' in "Lines_Plus.disable==1?1:lines.which==0?0:1t"
[18:23.36] ERROR: FlareFactory1.T ransform38.disa ble: unexpected 't' in "Lines_Plus.disable==1?1:lines.which==0?0:1t"
[18:23.36] ERROR: FlareFactory1.F lare140.disable : unexpected 't' in "Lines_Plus.disable==1?1:lines.which==0?0:1t"
[18:23.36] ERROR: FlareFactory1.M erge130.disable : unexpected 't' in "Lines_Plus.disable==1?1:lines.which==0?0:1t"
[18:23.36] ERROR: FlareFactory1.M erge131.disable : unexpected 't' in "Lines_Plus.disable==1?1:lines.which==0?0:1t"
[18:23.36] ERROR: FlareFactory1.S huffle12.disabl e: unexpected 't' in "Lines_Plus.disable==1?1:lines.which==0?0:1t"
[18:23.36] ERROR: FlareFactory1.F lare142.disable : unexpected 't' in "Lines_Plus.disable==1?1:lines.which==0?0:1t"
[18:23.36] ERROR: FlareFactory1.M erge132.disable : unexpected 't' in "Lines_Plus.disable==1?1:lines.which==0?0:1t"
[18:23.36] ERROR: FlareFactory1.F lare143.disable : unexpected 't' in "Lines_Plus.disable==1?1:lines.which==0?0:1t"
[18:23.36] ERROR: FlareFactory1.M erge134.disable : unexpected 't' in "Lines_Plus.disable==1?1:lines.which==0?0:1t"
[18:23.36] ERROR: FlareFactory1.G rade30.disable: unexpected 't' in "Lines_Plus.disable==1?1:lines.which==0?0:1t"
[18:23.36] ERROR: FlareFactory1.F lare148.disable : unexpected 't' in "Lines_Plus.disable==1?1:lines.which==0?0:1t"
[18:23.36] ERROR: FlareFactory1.F lare149.disable : unexpected 't' in "Lines_Plus.disable==1?1:lines.which==0?0:1t"
[18:23.36] ERROR: FlareFactory1.M erge137.disable : unexpected 't' in "Lines_Plus.disable==1?1:lines.which==0?0:1t"
[18:23.36] ERROR: FlareFactory1.F lare179.offset: Nothing is named "parent.Flare188.offset.left"
[18:23.36] ERROR: FlareFactory1.G rade16.disable: Nothing is named "parent.Edge_Shimmer_Bloom.disable.left"
[18:23.36] ERROR: FlareFactory1.B lur43.disable: Nothing is named "parent.Edge_Shimmer_Bloom.disable.left"
[18:23.36] ERROR: FlareFactory1.B lur42.disable: Nothing is named "parent.Edge_Shimmer_Bloom.disable.left"
[18:23.36] ERROR: FlareFactory1.B lur41.disable: Nothing is named "parent.Edge_Shimmer_Bloom.disable.left"
[18:23.36] ERROR: FlareFactory1.C ore_Bits_Plus1. disable: Nothing is named "parent.Core_Bi ts_Plus.disable .left"
0 # Nuke mann 2022-12-09 17:33
The flares seems to change after reopening a script:/
0 # Cohen C 2023-07-03 04:49
good job,this one works in nuke 13.2
great help,thanks bro
+1 # Gabriel Mendez 2024-04-09 04:08
Awesome! Just the tool I needed. Working on NukeX 14.0 :)

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