shapeArray v1.3

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Contributor: Johannes Hilburg
The shapeArray Gizmo is designed to create a array of mathematical shapes.
13.2, 13.0, 12.2 or later
Linux, Windows
21 Jan 2024


This Gizmo is designed to create a grid of simple mathematical shapes.


known Issues & Limitations:
Polar Coordinates can create a visible edge from the center to the bottom of the image.
Noise doesn't fit shapes: Heart, Honeycomb
If mirroed is checked the quality settings keep scaling the output

added Quality options
added shapes: Heart, Cross ; updated  Triange shape
added mask input

added Reformat button to keep the internal square format
added Polar Origin control



shapeArray examples

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0 # A A 2023-05-08 17:15
Thanks Johannes. unfortunately the gizmo gives the "Unknown Command" error. Using nuke 14.2. same on nuke 13.2. many thanks.
0 # Johannes Hilburg 2023-05-16 19:36
I couldn't get this error in nuke 13.2v2. What I did was importing the gizmo via File > Insert Comp Nodes..
Unfortunately I can't test it on nuke 14.2.

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