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Contributor: DinodeDesign
This gizmo has endless possibilities with your creativity! You can create any kinds of snowflake shapes!
12.0 or later
29 Jul 2020





Do you want to be a magician fast? Sure you want! Because with this gizmo, it is easier and faster than ever! You just have to draw and play with your imagination! Sound fun? It is!!!

 This gizmo has endless possibilities with your creativity! You can create any kinds of snowflake shapes!


              First if you want, delete the premade shape!

-           Draw your own new base OpenSpline1 shape anywhere! Recommended Six points!

-          ADD MORE different SHAPES into your scene!

-          Turn off all colors for a more simplest look or change the colors of each breches, tree, or for the overall glow!            Set up your glow oppocity!

-          Add Chromatic Aberration to your scene or turn it off!

-          You can determinate how many branches you want to draw! Up to 20! Increase or decrease them anytime!

-          Rotate and scale each points branches alone!

-          Add a cool looking distortion and change the UV noise pattern scale and size anytime!

-          Don’t forget you can animate everything!!! So just DO IT!

-          Shake up your scene with a nice Flare effect! Change the size , pattern, color and oppocity of it!

-          You can add a plasma cutter effect! It is a simple spherical roto but DON’T CHANGE the Rotoshape please, if you do the roto spirit will come for you….and you don’t want that! Do you? :D but dont worry! You can change the scale beside, plus you can turn on the blur effect!

-          Smoke comes from everywhere! Give it a nice background smoke effect! Change the colors and the ramps position or the pattern itself!

-          Set up your own output format at least or first!

-                 ..and my greatest suggestion is…. Experiment! A LOT! ;)

         How to use Snowflake Fx Tutorial:


         How I made Snowflake Fx Tutorial:


I wanna see what can you do with this! So give it a #snowflakefx or signal me with @dinodedesign on Instagram or on twitter @DesignDinode, facebook! I will retweet the best resoults!!! I can’t wait to see them! *.*


        I couldn't make this without the community!

         Special thanks for:

Falk Hofmann

Erwan Leroy

        iHeart Nuke

        Attila Gasparetz

        Luca Mignardi

Andrea Geremia



made by DinodeDesign 2020 Follow me on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook

contact: [email protected]

Open source public license!
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+1 # bin zhuang 2020-07-23 17:14
0 # Andrea Geremia 2020-07-23 21:14
so nice to play with! :D
+1 # Andrea Geremia 2020-07-23 21:15
just an advice: replace the sliders with the checkbox to turn ON/OFF! It's faster
0 # Denode Design 2020-07-29 09:50
I totally forgot that one! I will replace them! :D Thanks!

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