T_SteelWool v1.0

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Contributor: Petar Tsonev
Website: petartsonev.com
Gizmo to create steel wool and burning effects.
11.0, 10.5, 10.0 or later
25 Apr 2019



This tool gives you the ability to quickly generate and add steel wool to any shot. Plug in any roto or paint to use as a map. You have full control of the speed, size and maps generated. The gizmo creates a steel wool, burning edge and a leading edge mask to help with any grading and burning color correction. Couple this with T_Embers and the effects are endless.

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0 # Stepan Pazderka 2019-04-24 15:34
Really nice! Thanks!
0 # Petar Tsonev 2019-04-25 04:38
My absolute pleasure!

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