mtOpticalGloom v1.1

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Contributor: Miguel Torija
Use it to create nice cool pings-glints or some soft diffusion on a more realistic* way.
14.0 or later
Mac, Windows
07 Feb 2024

mtOpticalGloom v1.1 - By Miguel Torija




Use this tool to create appealing pings and glints or achieve soft diffusion in a more realistic manner (though it's not 100% physically accurate).
In short, you create (or input) the shape or silhouette of a camera diaphragm, and it creates a filter that is then used to create the gloom or to create a beautiful diffusion. 
Basically, this thingy tries to simulates the wave form and dispersion of light as it passes through the small diaphragm of the camera. The effect and intection of this tool is different from effects like lens flares or glows. 

 Update: new version tested and working properly on Nuke 15.0 and Nuke 14.0 v3, in theory it should work in previous versions, at least on Nuke 13.0. The update icludes some minor improvements to the properties and fixes some minor problems. Still under dev

doubletest01 - Copy



Created solely for fun and as an experiment, and for a bit of play. It's still under development.

It may be a tad slow in production; I recommend using the 'effect only' mode, creating a precomp afterward, and merging it with 'plus. You can also go inside and precomp a single frame of the filter once you are happy with it, and share it through the whole sequence.

I recommend using square formats if you decide to employ an alternative diaphragm, such as 1024x1024, as an example

In general, the effect looks nice in images with cool shapes and a high range of values in brightness. I'm still trying to figure out why I used some clamped and compressed JPGs for reference... I'm not a marketing genius.









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