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Contributor: TheEgoWorks

12.23 Kb

Despill gizmo based on background luminance and chroma with much more useful extra features.

29 May 2014
Contributor: esc4pe85

74.72 Kb

V1>>> This gizmo gives you the possibility to despill and/or unspill greenscreen/bluescreen plates based on some of the most known algorithms, in addition it gives you others cool features,you can relight the foreground based on the spill map created and the background plate,you can also tranform(translate,scale,rotate)it to avoid relighting incongruency with the background plate.... The gizmo needs a clean alpha from your preferred keyer,an optional mask to delimit the area , the plate you want to despill/unspill, and a background if you want to relight the foreground inside the gizmo.... Please contact me for errors, suggestions, hints or help... V2>>> In this new version new features have been added, now you can use the 'unspill' function or the 'replace color' function, you can use the despill capability of your preferred keyer and start from there to correct the plate, and other litte improvements. Take a look and enjoy!

21 Jan 2015
Contributor: Sangrampatil

3.96 Kb

This is advance keyer For time saving in keying and Channel merge operations

24 Jun 2016
Contributor: sac

8.33 Kb

A complete despill tool with additional GeoMode expressions

10 Apr 2024
Contributor: sac

8.33 Kb

A complete despill Node with additional geoMode Expression

10 Apr 2024
Contributor: Seredur

4.10 Kb

Little gizmo that will speed up your IBK Stack creation.

18 Feb 2024
Contributor: manishroit

2.17 Kb

Simple_Edge_Despill_v1 is designed to enhance edge despill and color matching in compositing workflows. This tool is particularly useful for visual effects artists and compositors dealing with green screen or blue screen footage where spill suppression on the edges of a subject is critical for integrating the subject seamlessly with a new background.

14 Feb 2024
Contributor: Lumo

24.06 Kb

Despill node based of Keylight's algorithm. It uses Comp Lair's (Pedro Andrade) technique for colour and BG replacement.

05 Feb 2024
Contributor: andresseedorf

5.17 Kb

Based on the IBKColour, different math. Creates a Clean Plate fully patch without noise and without the need for stacking several nodes. Clean Plate generator, one more to the collection... same IBKColour black patch with a different approach to color selection. No stacking needed. Fine Tune the right channel, adjust Reds and Luminance. Erode, adjust size.... patch all the way. Done.

25 Sep 2023
Contributor: mitJosi

5.28 Kb

- pick screen color - set target color

22 Jul 2023
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