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Contributor: esc4pe85

74.72 Kb

V1>>> This gizmo gives you the possibility to despill and/or unspill greenscreen/bluescreen plates based on some of the most known algorithms, in addition it gives you others cool features,you can relight the foreground based on the spill map created and the background plate,you can also tranform(translate,scale,rotate)it to avoid relighting incongruency with the background plate.... The gizmo needs a clean alpha from your preferred keyer,an optional mask to delimit the area , the plate you want to despill/unspill, and a background if you want to relight the foreground inside the gizmo.... Please contact me for errors, suggestions, hints or help... V2>>> In this new version new features have been added, now you can use the 'unspill' function or the 'replace color' function, you can use the despill capability of your preferred keyer and start from there to correct the plate, and other litte improvements. Take a look and enjoy!

21 Jan 2015
Contributor: CameronC

4.95 Kb

QuickKey is a HSV Keyer with a Color Picker and fine tuning controls similar to Resolve's.

08 Dec 2017
Contributor: Mad007

9.85 Kb

Despill Node Gizmo V2.0 Super easy to work with gizmo now with a few updates and more options

03 Mar 2016
Contributor: alexander055

12.90 Kb

A tool that allows you to make your green screen / blue screen even and without imperfection

16 May 2021
Contributor: M-Mamdouh

4.92 Kb

The Simplest way to create clean plate for any green or blue screen without causing a heavy script.

15 Nov 2022
Contributor: VigilFX

4.25 Kb

BetterKeyer is a keying gizmo that allows you to manipulate your Alpha and RGB channels independently for a better result. For more information on how the node is set and how best to use it, watch this tutorial:

12 Nov 2018
Contributor: spoon48

4.85 Kb

Little Gizmo that creates an IBK-Node-Stack with an exponential increase of the 'patch black' knob. added a useful mask and stencil input aswell. In cooperation with Pascal Schober Let me know what you think! :)

23 Aug 2021
Contributor: hgifford

22.66 Kb

Create 3D ramps in any direction with Depth/Z & Position/Pref data

08 Oct 2023
Contributor: fxtor

10.61 Kb

Nukes default Keyer with added functionality of masking off the key and keying on different colorspaces for a better luma-keying results.

06 May 2021
Contributor: owljones

3.14 Kb

CheckmatteV4 is a gizmo that will let you check your rotos/mattes. Now with more options.

27 Sep 2020
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