P_Blood_Hit v5.0

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Contributor: Adam Kelway
A simple particle system with various presets for blood hits. Includes lighting for directionality.
12.0 or later
Linux, Mac, Windows
14 Dec 2019

Update Log:

v5 [Dec 14 2019] -

-- Replaced preset buttons with dropdown menu  -- Added User Preset buttons to save / restore local settings -- Added 'Refresh Cache' button to assist with stubborn caches -- Added motionblur samples control -- Added extra blood preset 'Left To Cam'

v4 [Dec 03 2019] -

-- Added Channels dropdown for better visibility of outgoing channels. 


Here is a simple particle setup for blood hits for those times when you just can't find the right element in the library. 

The primary use I saw for this was to layer this with library/ FX elements but it can also work on it's own. The library/FX element serving as the base and this system adding those extra pops or spits out the side, towards or away from cam. Could also be used to quickly temp out a version if you are trying to show your FX department what you were hoping for.

There is room for improvement going forward but hopefully people find a use for this. If you like it or have any suggestions please let me know.

 ui v5

Basic Instructions:

- Has a built in camera and light but you can add your own to overide.

- Particles orient to your camera by default. Check the 'Disable Orient to Cam' checkbox to break this.

-The toplight is output as an AOV called 'bloodspec' for downstream control. User added lights will overide light settings in the gizmo (but will still output the AOV)

- Make local positional adjustments to your particles with the 'Translate Blood' and 'Rotate Blood' controls.

-Enable the ParticlePointForce inside the group and adjust the location if you need the blood particles to be drawn towards a particular point in 3d space.

-Save and restore user presets if you make changes you don't want to lose.

-See sample scene .jpg [bottom] for useful grade / blur settings


Future Updates:

- Want to add some sprite based presets that are more traditional quick bursts and splats
- Speed improvements

Thanks to Ben McEwan for some python pointers~  





Sample Scene v5



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