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Contributor: deshu diosh
Allows executing phyton code, which was edited with external editor, without restarting nuke. Based on script 'Call Updated Function' by Andreas Frickinger, just rewrited to be non-modal panel.
6.3 or later
25 Aug 2012

Original script: 

Tools for nuke phyton devs. If you are using external editor to write code, and are bored with restarting nuke or copying your code to in-nuke script editor just to test, if its working, its a tool for you.





To use it, import script to nuke built-in script editor, and execute. Then you should have a 'Call Updated Script' panel available in 'Pane' menu.



Usage and tips:

- Type in package name, module name (if it's in sub-package, type in it like: 'subPackage.module'), and function name with '()' (you can pass arguments as usual)
- On 'Execute' button hit, module is reimported, and function called.
- You can run as many instances of panel as you want (to execute multiple functions without retyping).








v1 - initial release

-  figure out, how to auto-init panel with ''
-  remeber settings between nuke sessions

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0 # Alexey Kuchinski 2012-08-25 13:02
Hi, thanks for sharing, can you please write small example what exactly you writing in fields
Thank you.
0 # Donald Strubler 2012-08-25 20:49
Does this have features beyond using 'reload(>)'
0 # deshu diosh 2012-08-26 01:14
Donald Struber: basically not. Just a convenient way to reload a module and execute a function.

Alexey KuchinskY: i've uploaded the screenshot, and updated info. Hope it helps.
Package stands for the folder name, which is in the same dir as ''
Module is the name of subfolder (optional), and the script file name (this is the file that needs to be updated).

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