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Contributor: Daniel Brylka
A very basic script to assemble an edit from a bunch of files in a folder structure. Basic, because the file structure must in a certain way and an edit list must be provided.
6.0, 6.1, 6.2 or later
20 Jan 2011

The idea is to keep an „edit" inside Nuke and have an easy way to update the edit with new versions of each shot.

All what is need is some read nodes, timeoffsets, switch nodes and a write node to render out the edit from Nuke.

My script is very unflexible, because it assumes that the edit won't change once it is approved, but here it worked just fine.

The demo edit has the following structure:

sh01, sh02, sh03, ... shxx.

Each shot has its own folder and subfolders for the comp versions.


And each shot starts counting from one as it happens by default when exporting from flame.

Imagine a 1500 frames edit with 11 cuts. Take the offline edit and count on which frame the next cut starts. This list I called „editpoints":


The Python script has to be installed in your gizmos folder and add to your the following :

import AssembleEdit"Nodes")

toodee=menubar.addMenu("&TooDee", icon="TooDee.png")

toodee.addCommand('AssembleEdit', 'AssembleEdit.AssembleEdit()', icon="AssEdit.png")

When you run „AssembleEdit" you will see this:


Select the textfile that contains the editpoints, then select the path where the shots are located. When all is filled out correctly hit „ok“.



The result should look similar to this - I just added the write node manually. Having now always two instances of Nuke open, one for working on a shot and the other having the „edit" ready for render. Just change new to comp versions with the ALT-arrow up hotkey and render out a H264/PRORES or whatever.

For a little more detailed information and download links to the demo-material please check out:


Have fun.



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0 # jean-louis autret 2011-01-20 15:00
Funny I was specifically thinking of a script like this today!
For dailies purposes!
I'll try this on and let you know
thanks for sharing
0 # Daniel Brylka 2011-01-21 01:53
Hey, thanks for testing it.

I actually used the "resulting" nuke script on my first nuke job and two months after I got the python script finished - just in time :-)

I am not a programmer and the script needs a lot more flexibility. But maybe it can be a starting point...
I mean the way from a EDL, XML to pass over the "editpoints" is not that far...but more than I can handle :-)
0 # Ahad Mohebbi 2011-01-21 02:08
Thanks for your useful gizmo
I tested you gizmo and it's grate work. i am using FCP (Final Cut Pro) and FCP export EDL with standard EDL format (ex: CMX and ....) . your gizmo dose not works with this structure of EDLS . so please make it possible to works with these kind of EDLS

excuse me for my english, because english is not my native english

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