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Contributor: Jan Oberhauser
Exports Geometry(also Sequences), Cameras, Lights and Locators from Maya to Nuke into one Setup Nuke-Scene and keeps the animation on the Channels.
5.1, 5.2, 6.0, 6.1 or later
Linux, Mac, Windows
03 Nov 2010

Change in Version 1.5:
-Fixed the problem which occured when something has a Namespace

Change in Version 1.4:
-Fix which occured when no Camera was selected

Changes in Version 1.3:
-Fixed Import-Problem which occured when just one channel of rotate/translate/scale was animated
-It is possilbe to deactivate the User-Interface
-And also if activated Nuke starts after export with new script
-If "Create Diffuse-Shader" is deactivated it creates now a white constant for the objects that they are immediately visible

Changes in Version 1.2:
-Now it is also tested on Mac-OS with Maya 2011 and works on it
-Exports also rotation-order on Lights, Cameras and Locators
-Also exports now Locators animated and as fm2n-Files
-Its possible to load Locator-Animations on almost every 3D-Node

Changes in Version 1.1:
-It is now possible to just export the cameras and lights without creating a Nuke-Script
-Nuke-Importer which reads the exported files and either updates the existing Nodes or creates new ones

This Scripts exports Poly-Geometry, Cameras, Lights and Locators from Maya to Nuke into one Setup Nuke-Scene. If you want it also exports the Geometry as a sequence.

Make sure you have changed the two variable "nukePath" and "nukeExec" that they fit your system. You should also maybe change the default Export-Path a few lines underneath. But the script also ask for the Export-Path and the Export-Nuke-File-Name after it is launched.

Just select everything you want to export and run the Script.
Select every single object and not the group they are in. If you select the the object and the group the object is in, both is gonna get exported.

Like in Nuke itself there are just Point-, Directional- and Spotlights supported. If any parameter is animated it also exports the animation into Nuke.

It is currently just tested with Maya 2008 and Nuke 6.1 on Windows 7 and Maya 2011 on MacOS. If you have any problems or questions just write me. You find my email in the python-File itself.

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0 # Andrea Hernandez 2011-11-23 02:11
Doesn't seem to export a .nk file in Maya 2012
0 # Mohamed Selim 2012-02-18 15:36
I get this error after hitting export:

# Error: TypeError: bad argument type for built-in operation #

Nuke 6.3v4
Lion 10.7
0 # Victor Duncan 2012-06-17 22:49
Great script! Do you think you will get around to supporting stereo camera exports?
0 # oscar good 2012-06-18 17:23
hi guys

-sorry for very basic question:

im using maya2nuke free script (thanks for this script) it works for me without any error , but where is snag is inside of nuke,after pressing cntl+v and importing maya materials into nuke, there,s one node named maya2nuke ,which already connected to what i did inside of maya such as texture - animation - point cloud data . etc...

now: i don,t know what kind of node i get for connect these,to another 2d footage,s for exposing in 2d scene , it,s ok in 3d scene but i could,nt get all these trees for finally 2d scene.
i tried readgeo or 3d card node ,but ,it doesnt work.
and secend one is dynamic materials in maya that i cant importing in nuke along whit another textured abject (instance: fire making in maya never export to nuke whit maya2nuke script ? !

if i must know anythings before all these efforts please be my guide as possible.
or if there,s any reference or learning about this particular instance, please direct me there.
maya 2012
nuke 6.3 v4
pftrack 2011

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