Send Nodes via Email v2.0

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Contributor: Tyler Lockard
Send selected nodes to an artist quickly and easily using a predefined email account.
9.0, 8.0, 7.1, 7.0, 6.3, 6.2, 6.1, 6.0 or later
04 Sep 2015



A tool designed to send selected nodes to an artist quickly and easily using a predefined email account.  Great for collaborative efforts for roto, grade setups or whathaveyou.  All this, OR simply email yourself a node setup for reference later! 

This was originally built for our studio, meaning that it lives in a single place on our network and uses credentials for an email account that's only used for this script.  Your needs may vary.  Feel free to shoot me a message if you'd like something tweaked for your specific needs. 


Select the nodes you want to send, hit tab and type 'Send nodes via email'

Punch in an email address (and optionally a subject) and we're good to go!  The other artist would then paste the resulting text into their node tree.


1.) Copy the python file to a location that Nuke recognizes. 

If you're doing this from scratch, try throwing it in a folder called 'python' within your '.nuke' folder, and add these lines to (or create one if it doesn't already exist) your .nuke/

import nuke



2.) To actually add it to a nuke menu, add these lines to your (or create a .nuke/ file if it doesn't already exist) and tweak to your liking:

import nuke'Nodes')

m=menubar.addMenu('My super cool stuff and things')

m.addCommand('Send Nodes Via Email', 'import sendnodes; sendnodes.sendNodes()')


3.) Because I obviously don't know your email, you'll have to modify the 'fromaddr', 'username' and 'password' on lines 31-33 for this to work properly. For security sake, make sure it's a dummy account and not your personal email since we're storing the password as plain text here.

If we're not using a Gmail account, you may also need to modify the server on line 73.


Our studio is Mac-based (Odd, I know) and I haven't tested it on other platforms.  This means it may work fine. Or explode. There's always that.

Yell at me if it breaks and I'll see if I can make it less bad. 

Comments? Questions? Feel free to reach out!

// Tyler Lockard // 2014 // //

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0 # Ben Warburton 2015-06-17 15:55
Hey, just an idea.

you could add an 'addPasswordInp ut' Knob or if you used nukescripts panel 'Password_Knob' to the panel. Then take the value from there for the email password. Might make it easier for multiple users if the script exists only in one place rather than editing multiple files locally.
+1 # Alexey Kuchinski 2015-06-17 21:20
had problem to send nodes.

need to go to your google settings

and check "Allow less secure Apps" ON

Thank you

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