.nkc Cache Viewer v1.0

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Contributor: Mads Hagbarth Damsbo
A tool that lets you see your .nkc cache files.
14.0, 13.2, 13.1, 13.0 or later
Linux, Mac, Windows
12 Mar 2024

.nkc file viewer.

Check out this video for a rundown of the tool: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tYEvSmViGS8



This tool will attempt to display all of the .nkc files in your Nuke temp directory. As the nkc file is not a documented file format this is just my 'best guess' as to how the file format works, and so it might not work in every instance.

It will run in 'realtime' so any file that is updated will be updated in the UI and once new caches are added they will also be displayed.

If you click on one of the thumbnails it will maximize that image, and here you can use Left and Right arrow to swap between the images and use 'space' to do a 24fps file playback.



It have been written as a standalone tool utilizing numpy for fast array processing. However this is not required and it will run perfectly inside Nuke using the native PySide2 and Python3. HOWEVER, it will be significantly slower, unless your viewer height is smaller than 640.

So, it runs natively in Nuke, as well as standalone. But for the best experience run in standalone with PySide2/PyQt5 + Numpy

Unless you want to take a look at your past caches please clear your cache folder and make sure all nkc files have been deleted before you run the tool as it will take a little while to load thausands of cache files.

I have only added support for nuke's default 8bit buffer but half and full float support would be easy to add as the main data structure remains the same.

Please read the file header for additional instructions



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