ReadList v1.1

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Contributor: Cameron Carson
Creates a Text Node with a complete list (minus duplicates) of every Read File used in your script.
6.3 or later
02 Oct 2012

Parses through all your nodes grabs the filenames in any "Read" nodes and generates a list without duplicates. It then creates a "Text" node and populates it with the list of filenames. It also keys the Text node so it only shows up on frame 0. There is also a button for updating the List.

It only allows one per script but you can clone it if you want more.

This is useful for rendering previews and knowing which versions of shots exist in your comp and what files you are referencing.

Install instructions.

Drop script in your plugins folder and add this to your

import readList"Nodes").addCommand("Draw/ReadList", readList.makereadList, "")

Run by creating the node. "ReadList". I usually drop it before my write Nodes.


I also Like to add this bit of code to my to ensure my Lists are always up to date.

nuke.knobDefault('Write.beforeRender' , 'readList.updatereadList()')



Suggestions Welcome...



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