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Contributor: mushu

1.23 Kb

Simple yet effective bit of python code to submit nuke scripts to royal render.

21 Dec 2010
Contributor: mybikeislost

15.56 Kb

tool to help set up proxy creation and image sequence conversion

21 Feb 2012
Contributor: nathandeva26895

0.67 Kb

This simple script creates write node from read node properties of format and color space

20 Aug 2017
Contributor: philhub

9.40 Kb

Python script to create windows Batch file that launches Nuke renders by command line

24 Feb 2013
Contributor: rameshbabuvfx

18.87 Kb

The RecentRedners tool displays all recently rendered shots.

30 Jul 2021
Contributor: ravi79

1.60 Kb

In this code, a new directory called 'rendered_script' will be created within the output folder, and the Nuke script will be saved in that directory as a separate file with the same name. The code handles the creation of the directory if it doesn't exist. Please replace the previous code with this in your file. The 'Render and Save Script' button will now save the Nuke script as a separate file in the 'rendered_script' directory within the output folder.

12 Jul 2023
Contributor: satheesh

0.43 Kb

Automtically create left and right view with write nodes.

21 Oct 2010
Contributor: satheesh

18.02 Kb

snapShot render your current frames result (which ever your seeing your viewer) as a .jpg file and re-load it automatically. Its using your scripts name, version and your current nodes ( means selected node) name. Updated with new icon and custom input gizmo. Place the image gizmo, icon and on your custom nuke DIR. Replace line to make it work.

11 Apr 2012
Contributor: Satya05

0.74 Kb

ReadFromWrite automatically imports your current render from selected write node as soon as render is finished.

14 Oct 2019
Contributor: sgtlau

12.23 Kb

Create .bat scripts to render your comp. Choose if you want render in Single, Cue or Parallel.

06 May 2019
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