RenderQueue v1.1

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Contributor: Jakob Steffensen
This little python script will sequenctially pickup and render files put into a Queue folder. Is very small and does very little but that just means its easy to tweak...
9.0 or later
Linux, Mac, Windows
16 Jun 2015

All you have to do is open the script in an editor and change the paths to fit your system...


Create 3 folders called Completed, Pending and Running within the RenderQueue folder.

And run the command python and the script will keep scanning the Pending folder for nuke files...


When a file appears it will wait 5 seconds to ensure that the file is written from nuke and then copy it to the running folder

and run a nuke commandline job on the file.


When done the nuke script gets copied to the Completed folder and the script resumes the scan for new files.


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0 # edward Anderson 2018-02-26 18:53
Is there an update for this? Im using Nuke10.5v4
Its not working. It copies the script from pending folder to completed folder and thats it.
0 # Matt Gazzard 2018-09-28 14:20
Make sure the version of nuke you are telling it to reference is your current one. aka line 6 -10 looks like this on mine...

root_path = "D:/Nuke_Renders/Renderqueue"
pending_path = root_path + "/Pending"
running_path = root_path + "/Running"
completed_path = root_path + "/Completed"
nuke_command = "Nuke11.1 -gpu -priority low -i -x -m 4 "

The only parts I have changed are in bold the rest is the same.

It has to be the exact one otherwise you will get "unknown command" etc. Also as ever, make sure you have frame padding in the write node too!


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