send2Qmaster v2.1

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Contributor: Ygor Nachornik
Sends the current script to Apple Qmaster
5.0 or later
15 Jul 2010

###   Sends current script to Apple Qmaster

###   v2.1 - Last modified: 13/07/2009

###   Written by Ygor Nachornik, thanks to Diogo Girondi for his tips,

###   UI and clever coding.

###   [email protected]

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0 # Thomas Szabo 2010-07-27 09:30
Hi Ygor,
I think this script is a great workflow enhancer but doesn´t work. When I execute it, the window pops up, I click OK but nothing happens at all. Am I missing something? I´m on a Mac 10.5.8 with Nuke 6.x.
0 # William Eguienta 2010-08-04 13:29
i have exactly the same problem since this script was made, i never find a ay to make it work.
please help us !
0 # Michael Clemens 2010-09-06 18:33
Same here .
0 # Oskar Larsson 2010-09-12 11:44
Please release a working version for 6.x, I would loooove to use this with my brand new 12 core mac pro :-) Thank you a thousand times !
0 # Alan Banis 2011-02-07 10:42
Yes, it'd be awesome if it worked on 6.2 version!! Cheers
0 # Sebastian Kral 2011-04-18 02:43
Hey guys,

had the same problem here. Works now.
In my case it was the german language of my qmaster. I had to replace "Generic Render" in line 38 of with the command name in my language (it's "Allgemeines Rendern" in german).

I also would suggest to replace the cluster name in line 14 to your usual cluster name so you don't have to change it everytime.

Hope it helps someone.

0 # Sebastian Kral 2011-04-18 02:55
Hi again,

I have to revise my statement. The render job started but didn't process very fast. I had to change the Nuke template in line 38 too:
template="%E -x -t %I %F,%L "

template="%E -i -x %I %F,%L "

I hope the symbols are not stripped from my comment.

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