Ym PlayRV v2.1

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Contributor: Yousuke Matsuno
Website: www.mat-vfx.com
PlayRV helps to playback with RV.
7.0 or later
28 Oct 2013


PlayRV helps to playback with RV. *** work only on Linux ***

- Feature -
Down rez render.
Seamless integrate into Nuke.
5 play modes. (single, multi, wipe, side by side, tiles)
Flexible colorspace conversion. (upper RV 3.12.17)

- Control -
F1: Play all from Read or Write Nodes (if file exist).
Shift + F1 : Play specific frame range with play mode. (open PlayRV dialog)

-override transfer
on : RV set linear conversion from Nuke Read node colorspace.
off : RV follow default linear conversion.

-frame range
[ input, global, custom ]
same as normal.
[ hundle ]
0 : play all frame.
10 : play without hundle. (1-100 >>> 11 - 90)
10.15 : play without hundle. (1-100 >>> 11 - 85)

- Install -
1. Go to your user directly. (/usr/people/***/.nuke)
2. Copy these files with folder. “icons”, “pythons”, init.py
3. Add below lines into your 'menu.py' (if doesn't exist, copy attached 'menu.py')

menubar = nuke.menu('Nuke')
## PlayRV
import Ym_PlayRV
'Ym_PlayRV.F_PlayRV_NDialog()', 'F1', icon = 'PlayRV.png')
'Ym_PlayRV.F_PlayRV_Dialog()', '+F1')

4. Restart Nuke.

Request for improvement / Feel free to contact me. [email protected]
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0 # rohit kaithwas 2022-11-20 07:50
'rv' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file. I am getting this error

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