CompCat v1.0

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Contributor: Mervin van Brakel
Browse an infinite amount of cats without leaving Nuke!
14.0, 13.2, 13.1, 13.0 or later
07 May 2023

Ever wanted to browse cats without leaving Nuke? Well, now you can! CompCat uses the Cat As a Service API to provide you with a huge amount of cats in all shapes and sizes, from small to large and from PNGs to GIFs. Simply press a button and a new cat pops up. You can also download the images/GIFs to your computer and import them into your comp all with a single button press!

Check out the GitHub for the launch trailer:


Installation instructions:

- Unzip the file.

- Move the CompCat folder into your .nuke installation folder.

- Copy the contents of the provided file to your existing file. 

- If you do not have a file use the file provided in the zip and place it in your .nuke folder.


Default .nuke folder locations:

- Linux: /home/login name/.nuke

- macOS: /Users/login name/.nuke

- Windows: C:\Users\user name\.nuke


Have fun and try not to get too distracted!

Please login in order to download these files.


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Goofy :o
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