lock_viewer_pipes v1.4

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Contributor: Frank Rueter
Website: www.ohufx.com
adds UI features to lock viewers or selected buffers
11.0, 10.5, 10.0 or later
Linux, Mac, Windows
18 Sep 2017

v1.4 - fixed bug when locked buffers are disconnected. Now a locked but disconnected buffer can be connected but remaines locked afterwards.

v1.3 - just updating the version number inside the py file to be in line with the nukepedia version

v1.2 - fixed bug where a selected viewer node wwould still cause teh lock warning to pop up instead of showing the requested buffer

v1.1 - fixed bug where the lock warning would appear when a hotkey for a locked buffer was pressed inteh DAG without any nodes selected

This python script adds some UI features to lock viewers or selected buffers to prevent accidental reconnection.

Upon the first buffer assignement the active viewer gets a 'Lock' tab with checkboxes in it's settings panel. This allows you to lock either all buffers or only select ones:

lockViewer 2

It also created new right options in teh viewer to lock and unlock the current buffer or all buffers:

lockViewer 1

To install place the lock_viewer_pipes.py in your NUKE_PATH or ~/.nuke folder, and add teh fololowing lines to your menu.py:

import lock_viewer_pipes


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0 # Paul Loop 2017-09-06 19:53
Hey, thnks for nice tool.
I noticed a bug in script.
Nuke 10.5 when script is running i loose the ability to peek a color sample from screen, for example in keylight, i do ctrl+left click on screen, but sampler in keylight is still black.
0 # Frank Rueter 2017-09-06 22:39
Hi Paul, what operating system are you on? This script does nothing that could possibly interfere with picking colours from the viewer. Are you sure it's not something less that is causing this?
I am using it in production right now (Centos 7)
0 # Paul Loop 2017-09-07 07:48
I'm on win7. I checked if lock_viewer is a reason of color sampling doesn't work for me. Just switched off a script and everything back to normal.
I noticed thad color sampling on pass on bottom part of a viewer window works fine, just doesn't work on nodes such as grade or keylight, in every node where I have to pick a color.
0 # Frank Rueter 2017-09-08 00:55
Hm, I will have another look but this script doesn't do anything that would interfere on that level.
Anybody else on windows 7 using this?
0 # Bernhard Schroecker 2017-09-11 12:32
Using it on Windows 7 in Nuke 10.5 and Color Picking in Keylight works fine for me.
0 # Paul Loop 2017-09-12 17:47
Also tested it on other machine. And there are no bugs. Maybe it's a bug of windows or this particular build of nuke.
0 # Dave Abbott 2017-09-08 00:00
Oh my god, I've wanted something like this for such a long time. Thanks!
0 # Alexey Kuchinski 2017-09-10 08:04
hi Frank, thanks for the tool, little thing will be nice to solve

by default if no node selected and you choosing a buffer nuke will display the node to which this buffer is assigned

with your tool it does work while you hovering over display, but it does not if you are in the nodegraph area.
thank you
0 # Frank Rueter 2017-09-10 08:57
Hi Alexey,
you mean just for locked buffers right? Unlocked buffers have the same. E.g. if you hit buffer 1 in teh DAG with no node selected it still displaying the lock warning, instead of simply showing buffer 1?!
I can fix that tomorrow, just wanted to confirm.

0 # Alexey Kuchinski 2017-09-10 09:06
Hi Frank
yes exactly that
E.g. if you hit buffer 1 in the DAG with no node selected it still displaying the lock warning, instead of simply showing buffer 1?!
0 # Frank Rueter 2017-09-10 23:03
done. try v1.1
0 # Alexey Kuchinski 2017-09-11 15:16
Hi Frank
same issue
v 1.1
warning in the DAG
if no nodes selected and do press number 1
if i did assign before buffer 1 to read node "A"
i expect to see read node "A"
but i see the warning
"Buffer 1 in Viewer1 is locked"
0 # Frank Rueter 2017-09-11 23:07
I think the issue is that the lock warning still happens when only the viewer node is selected (which Nuke does automatically).
I will update the code so that it checks the selected node class and ignores viewer node selections, which should mimic the normal behaviour.
0 # Frank Rueter 2017-09-11 23:14
v1.2 should fix this now. Thanks for testing Alexey!
0 # Alexey Kuchinski 2017-09-12 18:44
v 1.1 there?
maybe you forgot to upload?
+1 # Frank Rueter 2017-09-13 00:05
I just forgot to update the version number inside the file but the bug should be fixed. I have now uploaded v1.3 which only updates the version number.
Let me know if this is still now fixed for you.
0 # Jed Smith 2017-10-02 16:59
This is super useful. Thanks for sharing Frank!
0 # Michael Clemens 2018-05-16 16:57

I'm getting an error each time I open a "recently used script"

A pop up panel that says "knob created does not exist"

You simply have to say "OK" and everything works, but just wondering if there was a way to fix that ?
0 # Frank Rueter 2018-05-16 21:01
Hm, I haven't seen this before. What version of Nuke? Can you send me a test script with locked viewer pipes setup up in a way that causes the issue? email to frank[at]ohufx[ dot]com

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