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Contributor: nofxboy1234

15.26 Kb

This is the tabtabtab tool that Ben Dickson made (http://www.nukepedia.com/python-scripts/ui/tabtabtab/), with a few small changes to the code to make it work for Nuke 6.2. I tested it with Nuke 6.2v1 and it works. It may work for older versions too.

02 Mar 2012
Contributor: nachoigea

3.43 Kb

nth_Hotbox is a simpler version of W_Hotbox created by Wouter Gilsing. nth_Hotbox is focused on creating nodes in a fast way without the need of writing python code, just selecting the node class and the node will be created

14 Jun 2021
Contributor: falk.hofmann

2.82 Kb

slider to scale nodedistance in X and Y

13 Mar 2017
Contributor: bend

1.32 Kb

Change between available viewer LUT's

19 Jul 2011
Contributor: Lacrau

5.23 Kb

Creates a Nuke Script file quickly from the selected Read Node, setting the Format, FPS, and Frame Range into the Project Settings.

14 Jun 2023
Contributor: pushkarevalexandr

0.85 Kb

Adds button to animation menu that allows you to quickly add knob value to label

22 Jan 2023
Contributor: Dragoby

14.35 Kb

The search replace panel is a helper utility which can be used to search all file knobs in the current script and replace the value. This can be very useful when updating a script after it has been transferred or archived. The search will check the node selection collecting all file knobs then processing the search on each of those knobs per node. All results will then be displayed in the Info Box

25 Jan 2022
Contributor: seankalra

1.01 Kb

It sets the input range based on the calculation of the handles so you can review files quickly. You just select the footage and set the viewing mode from 'global' to 'input' and then press either of the hotkeys to set the viewing range. 'alt+h' to set 24 frame handle 'alt+g' to set 16 frame handles

25 Jan 2016
Contributor: WhiteTotoro

1.81 Kb

Fix drag and drop connect when selected node

24 Jan 2023
Contributor: leander

0.97 Kb

Allows you to create a menu (incl. submenus) for all your gizmos and plugins for easy access.

25 Jan 2017
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