ReadChecker - Versioning Validation Tool for Read Nodes in Nuke v1.2

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Contributor: Danilo de Lucio
This tool checks the versions of your Read nodes, to visualize if they are updated or not in your Node Graph.
12.1 or later
30 Aug 2023

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Unfortunately, the Nukepedia website has been down frequently. For this reason, I've published this tool on Gumroad, and all future updates will be posted there. The tool is still free (simply type zero and enter your email to download it), but if you want to support me you can rate the tool and/or donate any value if you want.


This tool checks the versions of your Read nodes, coloring them Green (if they are updated), Orange (if they are out of date), Red (if they don’t exist), and Blue (if they come from your Assets Library).


Nodes color preview


Check out the video:


This is helpful to check visually if the Read nodes are updated or not in your Node Graph.

It was written in Python 2.7.16 and 3.10.5, so it's designed to work with all versions of Nuke.


- To check the online User Guide, click here (it's also included a PDF file);

ReadChecker - Manual Preview v001


Special thanks to Henrique Reginato, Magno Borgo, and Gustavo Goncalves for testing this tool and providing valuable feedback for improvement. Also, thanks to Juliana Chen for her support and encouragement.

This tool is licensed under CC BY-ND 4.0.
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0 # Tav Flett 2023-09-21 11:03
Hi there,

I love this util, however we're having some issues with it in Nuke 14 slowing scripts down considerably. Is this just our pipeline or something others have encountered?

0 # Danilo de Lucio 2024-01-05 05:04
Hi Tav, how are you? Sorry for the delay, I just saw your message and Nukepedia didn't notify me, so if you want a quick response, email me at .

Regarding your question, this slowdown is probably about the callback you are currently using from the tool.

By default, this tool utilizes the updateUI() callback, which means that all Read nodes will be validated after any changes to the script. If you disable/enable a Read node at any time for example, the tool will be running.

If you want to avoid the tool being executed "all the time", you can go to ReadChecker Settings, and change the "Update UI" option to "Off" (or "SelectedReadNo des" for selected Read nodes only, if you prefer). Also, you can select "On/Off" for "On Script Load"/"On Script Save", to execute the tool just when you open a script or save it.

The last thing you can try, is to leave "Off" all three options and execute the tool manually by the ReadChecker menu (or using the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + R), to "Validate Now".

In general, these are all the options to execute the tool, so if you turn all of them to "Off", there is no reason to slow down your script, the tool needs at least one of them to work.

But please, have a try and let me know if works! And thank you so much for your report!

All the best!

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