zooom v5.0

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Contributor: Simon Jokuschies
zooom is a handy tool to quickly jump from one part of your script to another part. is kind of an advanced bookmark system. If you have a huge nuke tree and need to jump between different locations than this one is for you. update v05: - own menu bar commands in 'Scripts/zooom' - several shortcuts to make navigating a lot faster. - quick panel (Shift+0) to quickly switch between locations
8.0, 7.1, 7.0 or later
Linux, Mac, Windows
25 Mar 2015

zooom is a useful nuke panel plugin that allows a faster navigation within Nuke's Nodegraph. With the panel plugin you can store any number of position and zoom level in your nodegraph. Especially if you work in large script trees and often need to jump from one place to another, the panel will make your work so much faster, because you can jump to the other locations in your Nuke script with just one click. The great thing is that the positions are stored directly in the Nuke script and remain available even after closing the current Nuke session.

How to install zooom

Download zooom and copy it inside your nuke home directory.
In your init.py add this one line:
Further information and a tutorial video for the plugin can be found here:
zooom v1.1: fixed a little bug concerning displaying the zooom image (now relative path)
zooom v2.0: button to connect the most bottom node to viewer port 9 (shortcut: ctrl+,) command also found in 'viewer/view last node'; button to jump to the most bottom node in dag (shortcut: ctrl+.) command also found in 'viewer/zooom to last node'

zooom v04:


- overall improvement and rewriting of code
- all the zooom data is now saved to a xml file (located in .nuke/zooom/zooomdata.xml) and won't be save inside the nukescript anymore
zooom v5.0:
• overall improvements to make navigating with zooom even faster.
• zooom has now an own menu bar (Scripts/zooom); there you'll find all important zooom commands
• Shift+1. Shift+2, Shift+3, etc... jump directly to the desired position
• Shift+0 opens the zooomItems overview panel to quickly navigate to different positions
• Shift+↑: jump to next zooom position, Shift+↓: jump to previous zooom position
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0 # Lucas MICHEL 2019-02-23 19:36
Hey, thanks for this tool ! I was looking for something similar to the Houdini quick marks in nuke. And That's great !

However, the shortcut with Shift+1,2,3... doesn't work for me. Could you help ? Thanks.

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