Anamorphic Lensflare v1.0

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Contributor: Sil Bulterman
A lensflare toolset
6.0, 6.1, 6.2, 6.3, 7.0 or later
Linux, Mac, Windows
04 Jun 2012

I tried building my own flare, using what I had, the standard Flare node in Nuke. It’s a bare bones node, but if you do what a compositer is supposed to do, namely layering, you can create quite some nice flares in Nuke.

Here’s a screenshot of the node tree that makes the flare in the picture above.


All nodes are the standard Flare node, all tied to the position of the first node, using an expression, to behave like a single flare.

Download more stuff from my site:

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0 # simon ritchie 2012-08-16 08:12
looks great. Thanks for the upload

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