auto write node v1.0

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Contributor: Lars Wemmje
A customized write node that you can adapt to your project folder structure.
11.0, 10.5 or later
11 Mar 2018

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auto write node

The auto write node is for compositors who are not working in a established pipeline 

but do have a folder structure that stays the same for every project.

When you set it up and use it, it has to be in a shot/nuke script that is part of your project folder structure.  

It allows you to select a ShotRender and PreRender folder (1).

After selecting these two folders you have to set them as your ShotRender and PreRender folder (2).

This creates relative file paths that always follow your  project folder structure.

You only have to set this up once!

That way you can save your customized version of the auto write node as a ToolSet

and paste it into any of your shots that are part of your project folder structure.

You can give your PreRenders a custom name in the respective field (3) 

and switch your render output to ShotRender or PreRender (4).

The button that is greyed out is the active render mode (5).

After your rendering is through you can import it with the ReadFromWrite button(6).

Happy rendering ;-)




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0 # Daniel Short 2019-05-03 06:08
This is wonderful and a really elegant way to solve this issue. Is there a simple way to make those paths absolute for rendering on a farm?
0 # Jason Snea 2021-07-10 00:18
Excellent tool – One big issue. You don't always want your file version number to be the same as the render version number. Sometimes you have to go back to a previous file so you save a lot more safety versions as you comp. Solution – The ability to adjust the render version number plus or minus. v001

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