fxT_dotLinker v1.1

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Contributor: Tor Andreassen
Website: www.fxtor.net
Customized Dot to easily connect to any nodes in your nukescript in a very neat and efficient way. Toolset/python tool. See video for demonstration.
12.0, 11.3, 11.2, 11.1, 11.0, 10.5, 10.0 or later
Linux, Mac, Windows
26 Apr 2020

Customized dot to easily connect to any nodes in your nuke script in a very neat and efficient way.
Like to hide inputs? Don't go nuts hiding everything obviously.. but if you like using dots to connect to nodes, then this is for you.

Video demo here: https://vimeo.com/fxtor/dotlinker 



v1.1: Error making the tool break on a render-farm (tractor), was fixed. The tool now fully works with renderfarms in studio envionmets.
Remember to replace both the python file and and the toolset when updating.

v1.0: First release.



- super lightweight (driven by external python file to reduce filesize and make sure tool is efficient
- production safe (works with renderfarms. It's not needed to install this studio-wide for it to work, just render as normal)
- quick connect list (easily connect to the most used nodes in the nukescript)
- auto generate quickList if you already created the list once
- option to connect by typing the nodename (textfield)
- very clear what is connected
- hidden input by default (contollable by checkbox)
- lets you choose label type (node-name or input-label, extra label option)
- global quicklist to easily generate the quick list
- full control over quicklist (add, remove, clear, reload button)
- zoom buttons to eaily navigate between input node and the dotLinker
- colorized dot (same as input node color), serves as an extra cue to what is connected
- toolset, but will open the node on creation just like a installed gizmo

PS: If a nukescript using this tool is opened on a computer that don't have the tool installed; the dotLinkers will just behave as a regular dot (buttons won't do anything). If you prefer, there is a button to strip them from the script and replace them with regular dots, or you can install the python file to take full advantage of the tool. However, no errors will occur due to missing installation if someone opens a nukescript that includes this tool.



Installation notes in top of the python file, just open the file with a text editor to see the simple install notes.



Thanks to Adrian Pueyo for allowing me to use his idea and for pointers on specific nuke-bugs while writing the tool.
(fxT_dotLinker is of based off the same idea as Comma by Ardrian. It's written from scratch 
and works in a different way both visually and technicly, though the base idea  of what the tool does came from Adrian's tool called Comma).

A thanks also goes to Wouter Gilsing for helping with certain specific python workarounds in Nuke. 



Tested for Nuke 11 and 12 on all platforms. However, as its a pure Toolset referencing a python script and should therefore work on all versions.

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0 # Steve Drew 2020-07-15 15:04
Hey Tor, This is great, thanks for sharing. Wondering if the quickList dropdown menu could toggle between or include a node's input label?
e.g. I have a Read with multiple IDs and Util passes. I shuffle these layers out and auto add the layer (Depth, pRef, Cryptomatte, etc) to the Shuffle input label. If I then make a quickList of all those Shuffle nodes they are only called 'Shuffle1' 'Shuffle2' 'Shuffle3' etc in the quickList. My workaround is currently to rename the Shuffles manually, but that's not ideal.
+1 # Tor Andreassen 2020-07-27 19:57
Hey Steve. Thank you for the feedback and for testing the tool.

Yes you can choose from the dropdown list in the node itself what to display. one of them is label.

There is also an extra label where you can write whatever you like, so you could put the label there too if you wanted to diplay both name and label.

The intention was also to be able to set tcl commands like [value label] in the extra label field, so you could have both name and label without typing it manually, but i see that is not displayed correctly with tcl.

but if you just want the label you can do that already. I'll have a look at the tcl fix when i get a chance.
0 # Mohamed Abuzeid 2020-07-22 23:39
Hey Tor ,
Thanks really for the great tool , it's amazing .
but unfortunately I faced big problem when I used it , when I copied it with a big tree set-up contains with a lots of connections with dotlinker to another script has same set-up , it looses all connections with anything linked with dotlinker and make a disaster to the tree . hope you can fix it soon :)
+1 # Tor Andreassen 2020-07-27 20:08
Hi Mohamed, Thank you for the feedback.

This node is not intended for this use. Auto reconnect is a really nice feature indeed but needs more coding. With this setup it's not as easy as reconnecting in another script because the node name you would connect to would be a different name. Say you connect to a rotoRender. the readnode name would be different in a different script.

This script was made for simplicity and being fast so i left this feature out. YOu can reconnect manually of course, but it was more meant for use in a single shot. For a more large scale version of this functionality you can have a look at Stamp's from Adrian Pyeyo. There you can do this, but you need to have this installed everywhere for it to be safe in a studio environment in case your script is picked up from someone else. so thats something to think about. Anyways, check out stamps that has this feature.

Hope that helps, and thanks again for checking oout the tool.
+1 # Thomas Vu 2022-04-15 09:15
in nuke 13 there is a issue after installed

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "C:/Users/TTUV_ PC/.nuke/nuke/m enu.py", line 86, in
import dotLinker
File "C:/Users/TTUV_ PC/.nuke/nuke/s cript//py\dotLi nker.py", line 558
print 'dotLinker: there was a value error on autoQuickList execution, please roload manually'
SyntaxError: Missing parentheses in call to 'print'. Did you mean print('dotLinke r: there was a value error on autoQuickList execution, please roload manually')?
0 # Thomas Vu 2022-05-14 03:42
solved by add Print ()

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