roto renderer v1.4

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Contributor: Gabriel Couture-Bojanowski
Stores multiple rotos in a single RGBA file and shuffle them into separate layers. It's a clean way to share multiple roto in with other VFX department.
14.0, 13.2, 13.1, 13.0, 12.2, 12.1, 12.0, 11.3, 11 or later
Linux, Mac, Windows
20 Mar 2023

This node allows you dynamically create an unlimited number of roto layers.
Store multiple rotos in a single RGBA file and shuffle them into separate layers

- The rotos stored in each layer can be extracted using a shuffle node.

- Alpha channel of each layer is clamped to avoid weird value.

- It's a clean way to share multiple roto.

How to use

1. Type the amount of layers you need

2. Name each layers

3. Set the color of the matte (for display). For a fast way to set a color you can disable/enable 'R' 'G' 'B' channels. You can also set the 'lift' value to 0 and play with the 'multiply' for a bigger range of color.

Format :This will reformat the node to the 'full size format' of the plate (in your project settings). Will prevent having bounding box outside of the frame. It is checked by default.

alpha output : All roto layers are  automatically piped in the alpha channel of the 'roto_renderer' node. You can uncheck the 'alpha output' checkbox from the chosen layer to remove an alpha from the outputted alpha channel.

custom alpha output : Create a new input to plug a custom roto instead of the default alpha output



This is the default 'roto_render' node



- In this example, 4 Layers are created: [lamp, armchair, pillow, ladder]
- Layer 4 (ladder) is using a custom color



Result RGB


Result Alpha


A layer for each  object is created. You can extract the alpha with a shuffle node


*** Don't forget to set the 'channels' to 'all' in your write node ***




v1.1 :
- Fix nodes not pipping correctly

v1.2 :
- All roto layers are now automatically piped in the alpha channel of the 'roto_renderer' node.

v1.3 :
- Minor script error fix

v1.4 :
- Script Updated for Nuke 13 (bug fix)
Thanks Philippe Pelletier for fixing the node!


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0 # SANGEETHA M 2017-08-29 12:34
That was a neat and cool Idea!.
0 # Gabriel Couture-Bojanowski 2017-08-29 13:11
Thanks :)
0 # Kalyan Biswas 2023-01-25 07:08
Working fine in nuke 12 :-)
The script is really great. It helps to manage multiple alpha renders nicely.

However there are some issue with the nuke 13.
If you can also fix this then it will be great for everyone.

1. cant change the number of layers for multiple times. It will work for the first time but if I want to change the number of layer for the 2nd time then it will add inputs but with the numbering will start again from the 1,2,3....

and if I want to decrease the number of layers then it will also add those new numbers instead of removing.

Note: working fine in nuke 12 but issue with the nuke 13

Thank You
0 # Gabriel Couture-Bojanowski 2023-03-20 20:48
Hey Kalyan, thanks for the info!
It should now work with Nuke 13 :-)
0 # Siva Sankar Reddy 2023-05-18 07:19
I am getting this Error in Nuke 14

Result: File "", line 1
set cut_paste_input [stack 0]
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

How can i fix this can u please help me

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