SetLoop v1.9

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Contributor: Max van Leeuwen
A node looper for Nuke
13.1, 12.2, 12.1, 12.0, 11.3, 11.2, 11.1, 11.0, 10 or later
Linux, Mac, Windows
22 Apr 2021

See my website for more information and examples!


reaction diffusion in Nuke setloopmotion graphics nuke setloop loop nodes

setloop geo


example_1julia set nuke feedback iterator


(Examples of looped geo, a Mandelbrot and a Julia set, and Reaction Diffusion - all done with SetLoop)







SetLoop is a toolset for Nuke that can loop a set of nodes.
It copies the nodes you place between StartLoop and EndLoop inside EndLoop (which is a group), and reconnects them properly.

But there are many more features to it which, combined, make this an actually functional node iterator that can render fractals (like the Julia set) and animated reaction diffusion entirely in Nuke.



nuke setloopnuke setloop max van leeuwen






See my website ( for more information/examples!








1. Place the SetLoop folder in your .nuke folder (or somewhere else on your computer).

2. Go to your .nuke folder, and create a file called ''. If such a file already exists, open it.

3. In the file, add this line of text to the end and save it:





If you want to place the folder somewhere else than in the .nuke folder, make sure to change the path in the file so that it points to that other path instead!




Installation using NukeShared:


1. Place the SetLoop folder in the '_AutoInstaller' repository.


NukeShared is a way of installing plugins by dragging/dropping them in folders, see my website ( for more information.








Nuke 13 (Python 3) compatibility


added geo looping method
added feedback writing option (writing exr sequence, instead of copying nodes)
added custom offset to iteration after loop has been set


Fixed error in Julia Set example
Added extra Julia Set example


Exluded backdrops from loops
Improved Mandelbrot examples, added Julia Set examples


Fixed a bug in expression relinking
Added 'remove '.parent'' option to help with expression relinking, if there are still issues
Expression relinking now only applies to expressions in the Loop_End group (the invisible part of the loop)
Loopcount offset can now be changed after the loop has been set
Added 'operation' knob to set the merge operation in Parallel looping mode
Added 'Motion Graphics' example template


Fixed nodes connecting to other invisible nodes
When installed, examples are included in the ToolSets menu
Improved installation


Fixed expression relinking issue
Added warning when backdrop is not found, removed Nuke version check
Tested on Linux
Added more types of variables to the 'Constants' tab


Added new method for looping ('parallel'), fixed compatibility with Nuke 11 (pyside2), added stats.


Fixed a bug, cleaned UI, better tooltips.

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+1 # Adrian Pueyo 2017-07-22 21:52
This is great! Thanks for sharing
0 # Max van Leeuwen 2017-08-01 12:08
Thanks! Glad you like it :)
+1 # Sven Akelian 2017-10-09 10:19
How could I miss that one!

Amazing idea and pretty reactive ( see what I did there ;) )
+1 # Mads Hagbarth Damsbo 2018-01-28 09:37
Why did i not see this before?
0 # Nicolas Erba 2020-04-12 19:31
Hey thanks for sharing!
If ever you go back on it, would be awesome to make it work with 3D nodes :D
0 # Max van Leeuwen 2020-04-22 01:18
I am already on it!
Made this using a WIP-version of SetLoop:
0 # Max van Leeuwen 2020-09-23 20:56
v1.8 now also does geo looping :)
0 # Nicolas Erba 2020-09-26 10:44
Amazing thanks!
Will try it soon :D
0 # Nick Guth 2023-04-26 03:49
If I try to open a saved script with this inside of it, the looper doesn't work and it throws this error on every single node inside of the group.

ERROR: EndLoop.SetLoop _FadeOut_LoopAn chor_0.multiply : Nothing is named "ttttttttparent "

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