DL_Syn2Trackers v1.1

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Contributor: Danilo de Lucio
Convert the 2D Trackers from SynthEyes to Nuke.
12.1 or later
12 May 2021

As a personal project, I've developed this tool to convert the Tracking Data from SynthEyes to Nuke. We don't need to have a Camera Solve, just export your 2D Trackers as 'All Tracker Paths' from SynthEyes, and import it on Nuke using this Toolset.



You don't need to install it, just drag and drop on your Nuke (or save it as a Toolset). At the moment, is working in Nuke 12, 13, Indie and Non-Commercial.


How to use:

1. Export the Trackers from SynthEyes as '.txt' file ('AllTrackersPaths' option);
2. Search your file on 'txt_path' field;
3. If you prefer, select the boxes indicating the Translate, Rotate and Scale, then your Tracker node will be created following these options;
4. Hit 'Create Trackers', and done!


If your Tracking Data has a bunch of Trackers, probably your Nuke can crash or slow down.
For this particular case, I suggest you export the Trackers separately (one by one or in few sequences of Trackers).

If you have Trackers where their lifetime is different from your frame range you are using, will be created a new keyframe on the current frame.
To fix that, you can select all Trackers that have this issue (in your Track list), and delete the current keyframe in your Dope Sheet.
Now (for each Tracker), you need to set your current frame for any point for the animation, and checking the box 'e' to enable it again.


If you have doubts, please check the following video:




Special thanks to Murilo Augusto to helped me manipulate the lists better on Python. Also, thanks to Henrique Reginato, Gustavo Schrank and Magno Borgo to try the tool as well.


I will appreciate it if you leave a comment, sending a positive message, or any feedback about it.


I hope you enjoy it! Thanks!


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+1 # Anton Sergeev 2023-09-03 12:36
Thank you so much good man! Everything works great, you saved me! In Nuke 14 on the Linux system, it works great!
+1 # Danilo de Lucio 2024-04-11 04:18
It's my pleasure mate, I'm glad it was useful for you, thanks a lot for your feedback, I appreciate it!

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