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Contributor: malu05

207.65 Kb

StickIt is a 2D Warp Match-Moving tool, for matchmoving on (from a 2D perspective) non-ridgid surfaces. Require NukeX

26 Jun 2018
Contributor: mapoga

15.55 Kb

Basic operators to work on vector3 and 4x4 transform matrices. Each pixel have its own vector and matrix data. Building blocks to create more complete tools.

18 Feb 2018
Contributor: Birdainain

26.33 Kb

Can stablise and matchmove footage using SmartVectors, no more splinewarp matchmoving ;)

01 Mar 2020
Contributor: Lacrau

7.24 Kb

Convert the 2D Trackers from SynthEyes to Nuke.

12 May 2021
Contributor: jordanboulais

15.48 Kb

multiple transform masked offset

17 May 2021
Contributor: jordanboulais

7.72 Kb

scatter a iterations of a sprite from a point

01 Oct 2021
Contributor: cmccrowe

15.25 Kb

Built this from the memory of a node I loved at ILM Vancouver. I can remember who made it originally. Thanks for the idea. It is just another stmap warping gizmo expression linked to a ramp. Can we useful if you need a little extra overscan for a camera shake or something.

06 Mar 2022
Contributor: mborgo

10.56 Kb

These Nuke Toolsets/Scripts will leverage the power of Motion Vectors and allow you to create Trackers and Rotos.

17 Oct 2023

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