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Contributor: Finley

3.41 Kb

Check roto with colour overlays, over grey card, or pipe out the RGB mattes.

22 Oct 2015
Contributor: owljones

1.66 Kb

CameraBlur is a gizmo that imitates the natural blurriness of a camera.

28 Jun 2015
Contributor: owljones

2.74 Kb

DeFlicker is a powerfull yet simple tool to remove flicker with the push of a button.

28 Jun 2015
Contributor: leafpictures

2.42 Kb

Automatically create and manage prerenders in a big nuke script. Automatic nodes-, and render directory setup. Conveniend if you are working in a big nuke script and need to manage a lot of prerenders to speed up your workflow.

23 Nov 2014
Contributor: ulk

8.93 Kb

this node is for archiving an image for quick review of shots in OS browser without need to open sequences in a program such as Nuke or etc..

27 Feb 2014
Contributor: arcadeperfect

2.88 Kb

Fixes errored frames by interpolating between the frames either side

05 Feb 2014
Contributor: Fleduc71

6.16 Kb

This Gizmo lets you see on screen the RGB and Luminance (Y) values of a sampled area (Sample Width, Sample Height) May not work on LINUX (some font access issues) Will post again when I find a way (if there is one) to make it work on both windows and linux

25 Nov 2013
Contributor: pesopas

17.08 Kb

Collection of Gizmos

18 Oct 2013
Contributor: creatogether

12.35 Kb

Often when we work in Nuke, we miss something we’ve been spoiled with by Adobe – this time Layer Styles. Let us introduce to you our Nuke replicate of Adobe Photoshop’s Layer Styles. We dissected the most commonly used layer styles and put them into a handy gizmo that can either act as Merge node, directly applying the styles, or create the styles and shuffle them into separate channels, preserving them for later use.

17 Feb 2013
Contributor: chenxiaobao

8.57 Kb

Pick up the color of a pixel region where you define the position on your 2D image.在你指定的位置拾取该像素颜色

12 Sep 2012
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