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Contributor: aitor10995

16.01 Kb

Corner pin upgrade with which you can make offset in all the sides and use reference guide lines. Is implemented in nuke export options. You can export directly from the Nuke traker or Planar tracker.

09 Apr 2022
Contributor: aitor10995

10.90 Kb

Smart transforms with a very light gizmo. Without slowing down your scripts.

09 Apr 2022
Contributor: aitor10995

13.04 Kb

This gizmo allows you to change the reference frame from the STMap node itself, invert the transformation and allows adding motion blur. By Aitor Echeveste.

03 Nov 2021
Contributor: unaided

30.58 Kb

GZ_Aligner is a small tool to quickly align a image to orthogonal angles.

23 Apr 2018
Contributor: arcadeperfect

3.73 Kb

Analyses motion and generates a pass that can be used to drive an iDistort to mimic the motion of the source clip

05 Feb 2014
Contributor: aliehtemami

7.96 Kb

Sticky crop transforms a crop based on the transform input which could be any animated Transform node, Corner pin or tracker node.

13 Nov 2021
Contributor: a.chowdhury

2.44 Kb

Roto Centroid It tries to find out the centroid of a given rotoshape (based upon the area, NOT bounding box or average point values). It does this using an algorithm I put together in python for finding the centroid of 2d shapes based upon their point locations. This allows you to effectively find the center of mass of a Beziers etc. This differs from the center of the bounding box, or average point values in that it changes depending on how the shape is distributed, so it is unbiased on the amount of points you're using. I made this because Houdini can do this, so I felt Nuke should be able to aswell.

02 Jul 2016
Contributor: linandre

10.43 Kb

this tool is used to automate looping animation of texture to move them linearly in one direction

07 Dec 2020
Contributor: [email protected]

7.15 Kb

Upscale your footage preserving details

26 May 2021
Contributor: [email protected]

4.98 Kb

Center automatically the pivot of the Transform node

24 Jun 2018
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