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Standalone helper tools. Scripted, compiled, whatever it takes to get the job done

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Contributor: diogoadmin

116.08 Kb

Starfield file for the StarField node in Nuke.

23 Aug 2012
Contributor: dubiella

50.88 Kb

Simple send Nuke script files to Autodesk Backburner!

19 Nov 2014
Contributor: hdmoser

5.90 Kb

Alter a value on a node (eg.: Blur size). Then, use Replicate Value to copy the altered value to all or to a group of nodes from the same class.

28 Jan 2012
Contributor: hdmoser

5.86 Kb

Scans a script for custom layers and offers the chance to delete them. Good for getting rid of viral layers/channels that might have been saved inside .gizmo files or .nk

13 Sep 2012
Contributor: james.rowell

19.08 Kb

A command-line utility for listing image sequences in a compact form.

13 Jul 2021
Contributor: larswemmje

16.68 Kb

This is my W_hotbox setup.

07 Oct 2018
Contributor: linandre

1.24 Kb

puny tools series by andre fourth node, connect nodes that are far away to node name stored in this node, extremely useful to connect multiple dot/projection3d to connect in one button press to the camera or whatever you want to do with it the node itself is very simple and self explanatory hope it will assist you as well as it has assisted me, feel free to contact me regarding of issues, cheers

05 Jan 2020
Contributor: loocas

13.23 Kb

A simple tool designed to make bringing of 3ds Max scene nodes into Nuke a matter of a single click of a button.

15 Feb 2011
Contributor: masqu3rad3

17,937.41 Kb

'Right Click Converter' converts image sequences and video files into mp4 format super easily, with one click.

06 Feb 2019
Contributor: maxvanleeuwen

3.13 Kb

A registry key that associates .nk files with NukeX.

19 Apr 2018
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