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Standalone helper tools. Scripted, compiled, whatever it takes to get the job done

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Contributor: maxvanleeuwen

3.13 Kb

A registry key that associates .nk files with NukeX.

19 Apr 2018
Contributor: victorperez

246.42 Kb

V!ctor Tools is a suite of gizmos and Python scripts for different tasks.

21 May 2016
Contributor: dubiella

50.88 Kb

Simple send Nuke script files to Autodesk Backburner!

19 Nov 2014
Contributor: victorperez

3,982.96 Kb

Complete Nuke Hotkeys Sheet (Hi-Res)

29 Jun 2013
Contributor: crish

2.15 Kb

These registration files change the default application for .nk files to NukeX.

28 Nov 2012
Contributor: crish

1.31 Kb

This Nuke Script runs Nuke's FrameCycler at startup and closes Nuke afterwards. You can use this if you want to run only FrameCycler as preview player even if you have no FrameCycler license but Nuke on your computer.

10 Jul 2012
Contributor: james.rowell

14.34 Kb

A command-line utility for listing image sequences in a compact form.

16 Jun 2012
Contributor: comp_V01

44.16 Kb

A collection of 12 Toolsets for a smarter and faster comp workflow.

02 Feb 2020
Contributor: linandre

1.24 Kb

puny tools series by andre fourth node, connect nodes that are far away to node name stored in this node, extremely useful to connect multiple dot/projection3d to connect in one button press to the camera or whatever you want to do with it the node itself is very simple and self explanatory hope it will assist you as well as it has assisted me, feel free to contact me regarding of issues, cheers

05 Jan 2020
Contributor: xrstuart

24,305.51 Kb

Use of a Nuke simulation to test the rules of traditional perspective drawing, and incidentally determine the diameter of the Earth if the Earth were flat.

04 Aug 2019
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