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Contributor: loocas

13.23 Kb

A simple tool designed to make bringing of 3ds Max scene nodes into Nuke a matter of a single click of a button.

15 Feb 2011
Contributor: deshu

1.52 Kb

Allows executing phyton code, which was edited with external editor, without restarting nuke. Based on script 'Call Updated Function' by Andreas Frickinger, just rewrited to be non-modal panel.

25 Aug 2012
Contributor: andrewhake

897.47 Kb

NukeView is an OS X AppleScript applet/droplet that will let you open image sequences directly in the Nuke viewer and begin playback.

08 Oct 2010
Contributor: james.rowell

19.08 Kb

A command-line utility for listing image sequences in a compact form.

13 Jul 2021
Contributor: stweed

6.34 Kb

Allows you to quickly align or evenly distribute the selected Nuke nodes.

14 Mar 2018
Contributor: mogga

3,169.07 Kb

I wanted to use the built-in icons to create some of my own variants in Illustrator. I used this script to convert the SVG folder inside the plugins/icons folder to one layered document... https://gist.github.com/mogga/9df50a1e4eb936a5a2db

30 May 2014
Contributor: mkrzastek

19.22 Kb

Classic mobile game recreated for Nuke's Node Graph

27 Sep 2021
Contributor: widam3d

1.87 Kb

An easy Mel script to move geometry from Maya to Nuke

28 May 2016
Contributor: menthorskillz

129.66 Kb

This software was made to create quickly nuke auto configurated files from an image sequence. -Supported image formats: cin, dpx, exr, gif, hdr, hdri, jpg, jpeg, iff, png, png16, psd, r3d, sgi, rgb, rgba, sgi16, pic, tif, tiff, tif16, tiff16, ftif, ftiff, tga, targa, rla, xpm, yuv

01 Dec 2013
Contributor: masqu3rad3

17,937.41 Kb

'Right Click Converter' converts image sequences and video files into mp4 format super easily, with one click.

06 Feb 2019
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