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Contributor: jeangjenq

3.23 Kb

Set points for pointsTo3D node from right clicking on Viewer.

31 May 2022
Contributor: philhub

1.05 Kb

Put in sync two different viewers. Nice to constantly monitor the alpha of the currently viewed tool.

10 Dec 2012
Contributor: 1XingHuan

259.91 Kb

A simple screen which shows at startup

06 Mar 2017
Contributor: Liuxiaobo

41.30 Kb

A simple script management tool

02 Sep 2020
Contributor: WouterGilsing

3.06 Kb

Prevent Nuke from using the native OS toolbar (like on macOS) and use Nuke's Qt toolbar instead. This will allow the user to work properly in fullscreen mode on a Mac without losing/hiding the menubar. Besides that the toolbar will behave like any other part of the interface.

10 Dec 2018
Contributor: WouterGilsing

3,742.74 Kb

UPDATED v1.9. Hotbox for Nuke, similar to Autodesk Maya's. Selection specific menu that appears underneath your cursor for as long as you press the shortcut. Fully customizable, with interface to easily add and modify buttons on the fly. See the video in the description for a demonstration.

28 Mar 2021
Contributor: WouterGilsing

779.22 Kb

Reorganize your toolbars and menus by grouping items together and by moving items from one menu into another. The items will be removed from their original location and reappear in a location defined by the user. Check the full description for examples.

04 Jul 2017
Contributor: leafpictures

39.42 Kb

zooom is a handy tool to quickly jump from one part of your script to another part. is kind of an advanced bookmark system. If you have a huge nuke tree and need to jump between different locations than this one is for you. update v05: - own menu bar commands in 'Scripts/zooom' - several shortcuts to make navigating a lot faster. - quick panel (Shift+0) to quickly switch between locations

25 Mar 2015
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