InvertJa - Nuke Studio Invert Soft Effect v1.0

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Contributor: Jared Michael
Invert RGB/Alpha soft effect for Nuke Studio
10.0 or later
Linux, Mac, Windows
15 Feb 2016

A simple soft effect to invert RGB and/or Alpha on the timeline in Nuke Studio 10+. 

This is written in blinkscript, so allows realtime playback.


// invertJa 0.1

// Blink script to allow inverting of RGB and or Alpha channels.
// Created by Jared Michael
// No rights reserved, feel free to share, modify, etc.

// Intended for use with Nuke Studio 10

// ------------------------
// Create a new blinkscript soft effect and load this file.
// By default RGB only is inverted. Use the checkboxes as necessary

// Note: This script assumes all values are between 0 to 1.
// The maximum value parameter gives some control over this.

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