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Contributor: kundanbasnet

2.53 Kb

If you have a CG rendered with a colored BG and not Black you will get and edge issue with regular Premult. But with this ColorPremult Gizmo it will solve the edge and Semi-Transparency issue save you time as you don't have to re-render you image with black background. Hope this helps. Thanks Kundan

20 Jun 2016
Contributor: coconutnico

2.95 Kb

this node is a simplified version of nukes shuffle node. the integer slider is dynamic and will always show the number of available layers. the selected layer will always be shuffled into rgba.

04 Jan 2016
Contributor: kanthariatejas

1.90 Kb

Python script in a node for shuffling the layers inside a multichannel source.

03 Nov 2015
Contributor: WACOMalt

3.54 Kb

This basic gizmo simply adds some noise to your alphas around the areas that aren't solid.

19 Aug 2015
Contributor: LeoLiuos

6.26 Kb

If you are using any rendering program that can output rendered images with separated light passes as channels, you can use this mixer for all the light passes. You can list all the channels you wan't to exclude. Some defaults already listed.

18 May 2015
Contributor: JustinGD

1.83 Kb

Merge all your alpha using one groupe instead of lots of channelMerge nodes.

31 Jan 2015
Contributor: topperLopez82

2.34 Kb

Offset Channels, Huecorrect them and mask only the areas you want to get affected by the effect with a mask.

08 Sep 2014
Contributor: satheesh

6.78 Kb

switchMatte works like shakes switchMatte and Fusion's matteControl. Updated with despill control. v2.0 added despill function v2.1. Added bounding box future.

21 Jun 2014
Contributor: jasonmbergman

5.14 Kb

Channel Offset allows the user to easily slide individual RGB channels in both x and y. Whether its correcting chromatic aberration or creating it this toll gives you complete control.

12 Jun 2014
Contributor: satheesh

5.04 Kb

This gizmo allowing you to create matte from 9 channels. r,g,b,a,c,m,y, luma and black.

15 Feb 2014
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